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20+ Homemade Facial Masks & Steams: {Fruit & Herbal}

Here’s a page full of food masks and herbal steam mixes that can be used to make facials, I’ve separated them into two separate groups for easier browsing.

Before getting started:


First step is to cover face with a warm cloth to open pores, then apply the facial. Wash off with warm water and rinse with cool (to close pores).

Food Ingredients To Try:

*Times noted are for how long to leave on before rinsing off. Crush or mash fruit well first.

The following herbal steams not only hydrate the skin and help clean pores, they’re also wonderfully relaxing and a great way to de-stress.

It’s a good idea to not overdo them as too many can be harsh for skin. Limit to 1 or 2 a week (maximum), less if skin is sensitive.

If feeling light headed or woozy during the process, stop at once.


Recipe Ingredients To Try:

A few drops of favorite essential oils can also be used. If you love the aroma from a particular herb, try that alone for a pleasant experience. Experiment with different citrus pieces, herbs, and even a spice or two.

Also try some herbal vinegars (see this page [1]) and this treat made from rose petals [2] or even a couple bags of tea.


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