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20+ Budget Friendly Headboard Ideas

If it’s time for a new headboard but there’s no money in the budget to buy one…or you can’t find the exact thing you’re looking for, try designing and making your own. You’ll be surprised how many different, clever ways you can make one, and at a budget price too (especially if you can use repurposed items)! Here’s an updated collection of various tutorials that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, some quite easy using basic tools and materials while others are a little more advanced. Then at the bottom you’ll find a few quick tips for different items you can use…a little bit of everything here, enjoy!


DIY Upholstered [1]: Made with pressboard cut to your dimensions then covered with slab foam (with spray adhesive) and wrapped in batting. Finish with fabric and tacks.

Nailhead [2]: A wood base is cut to size and shape, covered with layers of batting & fabric then finished by adding nailhead trim.



Shutters [3]: Made with wood shutters, lumber, crown molding and finished with a coat of spray paint.

Paneled Tutorial [4]: A grid made with pieces of MDF board is nailed to the wall then caulking to fill gaps, paint to finish.



Wallpaper How-To: {DIY} [5]: The tutorial also includes a downloadable template (via pdf) for the headboard (for Single, Double/Full, Queen, King and California King).

Salvaged Window = Wallpaper Frames [6]: Result is a nice decorative piece that can be used in place of a headboard.



Make Your Own Upholstered Headboard [7]: A few supplies and four easy steps is all it takes to have a custom made headboard that will match your decor perfectly…Bonus: you can do this quite cheaply too!

Door [8]: A solid old door, refinished and hung sideways with a strip of crown molding along the top edge for a neat finish.



Fabric Covered [9]: Made with cheap plywood, quilt batting and decorative fabric (or make a slipcover from fabric to cover the board).

DIY Tufted Upholstered [10]: Made with lightweight wood, foam, quilt batting, spray glue and a few other supplies.



Painted Panels Project [11]: Made with a trio of painted hollow-core closet doors, easy way to add color to a room!

Handmade [12]: Mainly finishing ideas are presented but there is a reference link to the plans.



Bamboo Flooring How-To [13]: Learn how to use inexpensive bamboo flooring to create an impressive new headboard.

Patchwork [14]: Squares of coordinating fabric are used for this project, you’ll also need stiff florist’s foam, 1/4″ plywood and quilt batting.



Wooden Tile [15]: Made by arranging square wood tiles or fabric covered tiles in the shape of a headboard. Tutorial available via pdf download.

Woven Plywood Project [16]: You don’t have to be a skilled woodworker to transform plain plywood into a handsome headboard. Dimensions provided for King, Queen, Full & Twin.



Lovely Painted Wood: {DIY} [17]: The biggest cost is the wood, the frame is made with 2″x4″s with chipboard mounted on top then masonite board (giving a nice, smooth finish) and then finished with pine slats.

Hardwood – Round Top [18]: Includes free cutting and project diagram downloads (pdf), skill level noted as Intermediate. Dimensions for King/Queen/Full/Twin provided.



Morocco [19]: Inspired by West Elm, the pattern is a cheap and easy DIY–painted rubber mats!

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