32 Household Tips – A Collection Of Timeless Wisdom

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Picture of 1950s Woman - Tipnut.comHere’s a collection of household tips found in vintage magazines and articles from the 1950s and 1960s.

This will be the last batch for awhile, I hope you enjoyed them :).

32 Household Tips – A Collection Of Timeless Wisdom

  1. Cut open old socks then sew together to make car wash cloths.
  2. Test a stain remover first on a section under the hem of the garment to find out if it will affect the color of the fabric before using it.
  3. Wear white cotton gloves sprayed with furniture polish to do your dusting.
  4. Paint the steps of your stepladder and sprinkle clean sand on the paint before it dries, it will give the steps a non-skid surface.
  5. When papering or painting a room, make a notation of the amount of material needed to do the job, and place the notation under the main light switch in that room. It won’t get lost and it will save yourself a lot of extra work when the room is being painted again.
  6. Save those slivers of toilet soap that are usually thrown away, save them until you have a handful. Soak them in water until they are soft then squeeze them together forming a large bar shaped mass. Let harden and you have an extra bar of bath soap in colors too.
  7. When cleaning windows use one teaspoon vinegar, one teaspoon ammonia and fill small spray bottles with water, use newspapers to wipe windows, makes them shine (also see more Homemade Window Cleaner Recipes).
  8. For books that got damp or are musty, sprinkle baking soda on the pages and allow time to air out. If there’s mildew on the paper you can rub the baking soda into the spots and lay out to bleach in the sun.
  9. Use a clean paint brush to dust pleated lamp shades.
  10. When wheel grease gets on children’s clothes, rub lard on it to remove grease stains.
  11. When grass stains get on clothes, use molasses, rub in well and leave several minutes to soak before washing.
  12. When fruit stains get on clothes pour boiling water on stain, hold cloth tight across bowl.
  13. To remove white rings from furniture, moisten cigarette ashes with water, apply to ring marks, let dry and brush off. Also see DIY – How To Remove White Heat Stains On Wood Table.
  14. Remove light burn marks from wood floors by rubbing a piece of steel wool first made wet with soapy water lightly into the burn mark until it’s removed.
  15. Remove shine from wool clothes by sponging garment with a solution of one teaspoon ammonia to a quart of water. Press on wrong side.
  16. When storing shoes and boots away for the season, first cover them in old pairs of socks. They won’t be scuffed or dusty when it’s time to bring them out again.
  17. Add a few drops of vinegar to glue that has thickened up, this will soften the glue.
  18. To remove mildew from clothing, soak in buttermilk over night and wash as usual.
  19. To remove mildew, 1/2 cup vinegar, douse the item up and down and mildew will disappear.
  20. Baby or olive oil will remove crayon marks from painted walls, also see 21 Crayon Busters: How To Remove Crayon From Walls.
  21. When your bed sheets wear out, they can be folded in half and used to make pillow cases, cut them desired width and use the original hems.
  22. To remove lipstick stain from cottons and sweaters, use a cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol. Apply gently to stain and it leaves no tell tale circle.
  23. To keep skirts from sliding off hanger, wrap bar with a strip of bias cut velvet, cut one inch wide.
  24. Try using shampoo to pretreat grease stains on shirt collars and pillow cases, etc., before putting them in the washer.
  25. When you iron around buttons that may melt with heat, protect them by holding a spoon over each as you iron around buttons.
  26. Make mittens from old towels and use to dust blinds.
  27. Keep a small pin cushion with threaded needles and a plastic box for buttons on the end of your ironing board for the “stitch in time” as you come to it, then ironing and mending are both finished at once.
  28. Use nailpolish remover to remove price stickers from newly bought items (see also 25 Helpful Items To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo).
  29. Keep sparkle on the metal trim of handbags, metal compacts, silver earrings, brass buttons, belt buckles and any other metal objects that are difficult to spray with clear nail polish or a tarnish preventive.
  30. Coating the top of keys with different colors of nail polish will help to identify them quickly.
  31. Remove stains in vases by filling with tea leaves and vinegar, shake or swoosh until stain disappears.
  32. Cover your shoes with old socks when painting and you can wipe up paint splatters with your foot as well as protect your shoes from paint.

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    i would like to suggest using bottle caps to secure the buttons while ironing.


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    what do i do for white shirt’s that turned yellow.

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