Advertise is a highly creative, active spot on the net that readers enjoy subscribing to and visiting regularly due to its unique and helpful style of content. Tipnut’s fresh and friendly content focuses on DIY creativity and domestic arts that is appreciated and shared by the hundreds of thousands of visitors that stop by each month.

The first tip published on was in October, 2006, with just one reader (me) and now reaches at least 600,000 unique visitors and more than 2 million pageviews a month (with no signs of slowing down!).

Readers from around the world visit and participate on Tipnut (by leaving comments that share tips, ask questions and provide clarifications) with traffic mainly coming from the U.S. (at least 75%), Canada (10%), U.K. (3%), Australia (2%), the remainder from other countries spread far and wide.

With an advertising budget of exactly $0, the phenomenal growth on has been purely organic driven by Tipnut readers themselves. There have never been manipulations or gimmicks to force links or comments here on Tipnut (for things like company-paid promotions, blog carnivals, contests, prize giveaways, link memes, networked blogging, etc.), each comment and link to are offered freely by readers and motivated purely by their desire to share Tipnut with others. Yup, a fantastic bunch of folks hang out here and I so appreciate each of them!

There’s no team behind the scenes, is managed by one person only: me. One of my favorite descriptions made about Tipnut captures perfectly what this site is all about (the website that published this is no longer available online):

“Something Cool & New Everyday For The Creative Thinker”

It’s the readers that have made writing here an amazing experience for me and they’re a perfect example of how powerful reader support and word of mouth can be.

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