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African Violets: Tips For Feeding, Propagating & More

The wide assortment of colors, flower forms, and foliage to be found in African violets has made them a popular houseplant to collect. Propagating them has become a fascinating and absorbing hobby that’s easy to manage.

Today’s beautiful flowers must be seen to be appreciated. They are a far cry from the early ones with their small, yellow-eyed violet-blue flowers. Now one may enjoy exquisite flowers that are single, double, ruffled, and fringed. Besides rich dark purple, there are delicate blue, orchid, luscious pink and raspberry, waxy white, and lovely bi-colored blossoms.

The foliage too, is very handsome. Leaves may be stiff and heavy, waved, scalloped, or attractively patterned. The terms “boy” and “girl” refer only to the foliage. One of the first plants was named Blue Boy. A sport from this had a large white area in each leaf and was named Blue Girl. Plants with this type of foliage are now known as “girl” types.






More Tips

It is not necessary to be a collector of African violets to enjoy their charm. Use them for a spot of color and interest on a small table, a sunny window sill, a shelf, or on a coffee table.

Source: The WorkBasket, 1962 (with some additions & editing)