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How To Make Amish Friendship Bread

Here’s a brief introduction plus a few tips and recipes below to help you get started…


Made With Sugar, Dry Yeast, Flour, Water & Warm Milk

The Starter Is Made With Sugar, Dry Yeast, Flour, Water & Warm Milk

This bread is made with a sweetened sourdough starter that you typically receive from a friend (that’s why it’s called Friendship Bread). The “legend” is that it was first “started” by the Amish who gave it to friends who then turned around and gave it to their friends and so on until a batch found its way to you…but you’re not out of luck if you don’t have any Amish friends, you’ll find instructions below to create it from scratch yourself ;).

Once you receive it (usually in a ziploc bag), you feed and care for it (adding a few ingredients, mushing the bag daily) for 10 days. After 10 days you’ll have enough for 4 portions (4 cups)…1 you use to bake a loaf, 2 you give away (or bake more with) and 1 you keep to make another batch that will be ready in 10 days.

It is used to make a delicious, moist cake or sweet bread (think banana) that has a cinnamon flavor to it but there are lots of different flavor combos you can try (I’ve shared some ideas below). You’ll find most require at least 1 cup of starter and a box of instant pudding mix, so it’s a little different than what a typical loaf requires.

Here are some quick tips and then a bunch of recipes to help (even a couple for the original starter itself!).


I had a lot of bookmarks for this and many are pretty much the same so I just listed the ones that had something unique to share, either an ingredient substitution or had some nice flavor twists to offer. Enjoy!

Do you have experience working with this and have a tip or favorite recipe I missed? Please feel free to share with us all in the Discussion area below :).