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An iPod Survives The Washing Machine

Major catastrophe in our home a few months ago: my son’s iPod nano was left in his pants pockets–which were washed & dried with the rest of the laundry. Here’s what we did to bring it back to life, you can try this for all devices such as cell phones and digital cameras that were in water by mistake, no guarantees that this will work–but it did for us!

What We Did


This happened in January of this year and it’s still going strong (it’s now April). My son’s a heavy gadget user and uses it daily, there have been no detectable issues or problems since the incident.

I had heard of gadgets surviving a trip through the washing machine or getting wet in weird ways (like falling in a toilet) if you give them a chance to fully dry before trying to use them (cell phones, pagers, mp3 players, digital cameras, etc.), but this is one tip I’d rather not have tried first hand ;).

I did some checking around and found these tips posted on the Apple forum:

Biggest tip out of this experience: Make darn sure to check pockets thoroughly before doing a load of laundry!