Oven Baked Macaroni & Cheese: {15+ Tempting Recipes}

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Oh my this list is a goody! Here are over a dozen different recipes I’ve handpicked from around the net…all kinds of methods and ingredients for making this classic favorite with each finished off by baking in the oven.

ExampleYou’ll find a few flavor twist ideas with some adding bacon, spinach, tomatoes and other veggies to this popular comfort food.

To add a crunchy topping to any version you wish to try, simply combine a bit of melted butter to bread crumbs or panko then sprinkle across the top before popping the dish in the oven. Lots here, enjoy!

*Ingredients listed are just a sample only and not complete

  1. With Zucchini: Serves 3, almond milk (can be regular), bay leaf, grated Parmesan, zucchini and more. [Eats Well With Others].
  2. With Penne Pasta: Penne, white and extra sharp yellow cheddar, Parmesan and more. [Biscuits And Such].
  3. Healthy Version With Spinach: Milk, cottage cheese, ground nutmeg, oregano, basil, roasted garlic, fresh spinach, paprika. [The Taste Traveller].
  4. With Squash: Both butternut and acorn squash, heavy cream, nutmeg, mascarpone, ricotta, store-bought amaretto cookies. [Martha Stewart].
  5. Healthy Makeover with Sliced Tomatoes: Yields 4 main-dish servings, whole wheat rotini, cornstarch, Dijon, thinly sliced tomato. [Good Housekeeping].
  6. Acorn Squash and Sage: Colorful corkscrew pasta, cottage cheese, diced onion, whole wheat pastry flour, nutmeg, sage leaves, Panko. [Figs With Bri].
  7. Smokin’: Ground red pepper, smoked ham, crushed cornflakes. [MyRecipes].
  8. Classic: Serves 6, powdered mustard, finely diced yellow onion, bay leaf, paprika, an egg. Topping made with panko and melted butter. [The Comfort of Cooking].
  9. Weight Watchers: Makes 8 servings, broccoli florets, diced onions, Dijon mustard and seasonings. [Weight Watchers].
  10. Mexican Style: Makes 6 servings, penne, onion, mustard, fat-free plain yogurt. [Betty Crocker].
  11. Make Ahead Version: This can be served the day-of cooking or frozen for a later meal. Ingredients include dry mustard, cayenne, all-purpose flour, low-sodium chicken broth, Colby, Cheddar. [Cook Au Vin].
  12. With Tomatoes: Peeled tomatoes (canned), Italian seasoning, oregano, basil, crumbled feta. [Pip & Ebby].
  13. From Scratch: Butter, flour, mustard powder, cayenne powder, heavy cream, Parmesan, olive oil. [Verses From My Kitchen].
  14. Extra Easy: Makes 4 servings (about 2/3 cup each), condensed soup, rotini or medium shell pasta, plain dry bread crumbs and melted butter. [Campbell’s Kitchen].
  15. Spicy: Extra-virgin olive oil, assorted mushrooms (quartered), onion, diced tomatoes (canned), frozen spinach (thawed and drained), red pepper flakes, Parmesan, Romano, cubed mozzarella and nutmeg. [Food Network].
  16. Emeril’s: An old-fashioned favorite that comes together in no time flat, includes bacon, minced garlic, eggs, cayenne, nutmeg. [Martha Stewart].
  17. Healthy Makeover Version: Broccoli (bite-size florets and stalks), chopped shallots, cornstarch, garlic. [Every Day with Rachael Ray].
  18. Classic From Scratch: All-purpose flour, salt, both black and red pepper and sharp Cheddar. [MyRecipes].
  19. With Smoked Gouda: Creamy, rich and delightful, the smokiness of the Gouda is tempered a bit with the Cheddar. [Just A Dash].

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  1. Lisa says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite comfort foods, it has to have a crispy seasoned top, macaroni not over cooked and super gooey and cheesy. I will be working my way through this collection that’s for sure LOL! Thanks tipnut!

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