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Baking With Flower Pots

No budget for fancy terracotta bakeware? Try flower pots! Not only do they work just as well, they make a lovely presentation too. The key to safely using the pots is to only use those that are new, scrubbed clean and unglazed. I’ve handpicked this collection of recipes from around the ‘net making sure each had it’s own unique twist to offer (though some are similar to each other). The first batch lists homemade breads and a couple cakes that are baked right in a flower pot, the second collection lists desserts that layer ingredients inside the pots rather than actually baking in them. Lots of creative ideas here, have fun!

Before getting started: Check to see if the container is marked as “Lead Free” or “Safe for Food”, if not marked and in doubt, check with a lead testing kit.

By marthastewart.com

Desserts & Sweet Treats

*A few of these are also found on the Dirt Cake desserts page [9]