Quick Tips: Baking Short Cuts

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Baking Short Cuts - Tipnut.com

Cool Kitchen - Tipnut.com

Kitchen too cool for the yeast dough? Should be 80 to 85° and no drafts. Set covered dough in cabinet (or oven) beside pan of boiling water. When water cools, re-heat.

Sticky Dough - Tipnut.com

Dough sticky? So it won’t be difficult to knead without using lots of flour: After mixing, turn dough onto lightly floured canvas; cover with mixing bowl. Let stand 10 minutes.

Quick Pastry Rolling - Tipnut.com

For quick pastry rolling, use floured canvas and ribbed stocking cover on rolling pin. Flatten dough slightly. Then roll from center to edge. Draw circle for size guide.

Well Filled Custard Pies - Tipnut.com

Well-filled custard pies without spilling. Pull rack part way out of oven. Set pastry-lined pie pan on rack. Pour filling in clear to top. When pie’s filled, slide rack back into oven.

Eggs & Milk Cold - Tipnut.com

Eggs and milk cold? Warm them to room temperature for a “new quick-method” cake. Break eggs into custard cup, pour milk into measuring cup. Stand in warm water.

Lattice Tops - Tipnut.com

Lattice tops on fruit pies are messy to make if fruit’s juicy. Weave strips of pastry on waxed paper. Slip hand under paper, aim right, then quickly flip lattice top over onto fruit.

Source: Elsa Wallin Louis, Meredith Publications (Better Homes & Gardens Magazine), 1946

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  1. Lois Stumbaugh says:

    When I need my bread to rise and my kitchen is too cool, I heat a cup of water in the microwave and get it good and hot. Move the cup over and set your bread dough in and cover with wax paper. You might want to put a post it note on the door so no one will open it up. Your bread will rise rather quickly.

  2. Hannah G. says:

    It is so true the best methods and tips are the old tried and true. So simple.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I love these vintage baking tips! Thanks. 🙂

  4. Alan B Steele says:

    I have heard that you can bake breads and pastries in the Microwve; any ideas?

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