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10 Basket Liner Tutorials & Patterns: {Sewing}

Baskets are great for both organizing household items and hauling laundry, you can line them with fabric for easier cleaning and to dress up the baskets a bit for display. They are easy enough to sew using bright and cheery fabrics or make something a little more decorative with elegant pleats and ribbons. Here’s a collection of tutorials for making liners to fit both round, rectangular and square shaped baskets. Enjoy!


Laundry Basket Liner [1]: This charmer is made to fit a round basket and features a foldover top that’s held in place with a cord run through a top casing & grommets.

No Stitch [2]: No sewing involved! Burlap is cut to fit the basket then top edges finished with jute ribbon.



French Desk Set [3]: This is made to fit a rectangular basket, features an opening on each side for handles and tied in place with ribbon (run through a casing).

Round [4]: Fits a round basket with a carrying handle and is tied in place on both sides with fabric ties.



Pleated Tutorial [5]: Turn a plain piece of fabric into something fancy with this tutorial.

15-Minute Easy Project [6]: This one’s nice & easy, features a foldover top and a contrasting fabric piece for the bottom (if you wish).



Made With A Coffee Bag [7]: Nice one for the kitchen, this is made with a coffee bag and trimmed with pretty fabric.

Crate Covers [8]: Intended for plastic crates but can also be used for large square baskets. Free pdf tutorial download.



Pocketed [9]: This one’s made for a round bread basket, all you need is a bit of fabric, binding and some snaps.

For The Laundry Basket [10]: Uses an old liner for the pattern pieces, has openings for handles and tied in place with ribbons.


Also see this tutorial that shows you how to add an extra nice touch to a liner using a piece of carbon paper and a paint pen: aimee-weaver.blogspot.com [11].