Recipe Term Definitions: Beaten Eggs

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    Whisk & Bowl With Eggs

    Whisk & Bowl With Eggs

  • Eggs, Slightly Beaten: beat eggs with fork just enough to blend whites and yolks.
  • Eggs, Well Beaten: beat eggs (yolks and whites) until light and frothy.
  • Egg Yolks, Well Beaten: beat yolks until thick and light colored.
  • Egg Whites, Beaten Stiff: beat egg whites until they stand in peaks when beater is lifted out. Points of peaks droop over a bit and the surface is still moist and glossy.
  • Egg Whites, Beaten Very Stiff: beat egg whites until peaks stand upright without drooping when beater is removed and surface looks dry.
  • Fold Into Beaten Egg Whites: It is usually recommended that a heavy mixture be folded into beaten whites rather than whites into the mixture as less air is forced out of whites in the process.
  • To Fold: gradually add mixture to stiffly beaten egg whites with up, over and down movement of spoon or wide rubber or plastic scraper. If mixture is stirred into whites, air is driven out and whites collapse.
  • Add Slightly Beaten Yolks Or Eggs To Hot Mixture: always blend a few spoonfuls of hot mixture into yolk then stir into remaining hot mixture. Egg will blend more evenly and won’t lump or curdle.

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