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25+ Blemish Busters You Can Make Yourself

Quite a list of remedies here folks! These can be used for banishing a single pimple or two, acne, recipes for maintaining clear skin and I’ve also listed some tips at the bottom of the page to help with rosacea and a blackhead recipe.

IngredientsNote: If acne seems to worsen at the beginning, keep in mind that the treatments are drawing out impurities and this could be the cause. Steady applications should show improvement over time. Also results will vary so if one doesn’t do the trick, try another until finding one that works.

Directions: Pick a remedy below then apply directly to blemish or whole face then let dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes before washing off (unless otherwise noted).

Keep ingredients away from eyes. If allergic to any of the items, do not use topically since they may still trigger a reaction.

Clear Skin Helpers:


Do consistent, daily treatments for at least two weeks before determining if results are satisfactory or not.

*First published May 8, 2007 and moved to this page for better organization

Try a facial steam bath first (instructions below) then the recipe, this will open up the pores as well as soften up the blackheads for easier removal.

1 TBS Unflavored gelatin
1 1/2 TBS Milk

Steam Bath:

First use a cleansing soap. Then fill a bowl with boiling water and place your face down close to the surface to be near the heat. Cover head with a towel to trap the steam, stay put for about 10 minutes then use the peel above.