55+ Bundt Cakes

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Bundt cakes are not only impressive to look at, they’re a taste buds pleaser too! With so many different flavors, icings, glazes and ways to make one, you’re sure to find a firm favorite of the whole family. Tip: This is one cake that typically tastes better with age so you can bake it a day ahead or stretch it out over a couple days without worry (most freeze well too).

If you’re on the hunt for a new cake to try, today’s Recipe Hit List has got you covered! I’ve handpicked these from around the net and tried to present a nice selection featuring lots of different flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Zucchini, Orange, Carrot, Pear, Ginger…you name it, it should be on this list. Since the collection is so large, I made an effort to organize each flavor together (though some fit in more than one group so you might want to use the Ctrl + F keys to search the page if you’re looking for something specific). Enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the reference sites

Drizzled With Icing Or Simply Dusted With Powdered Sugar

Whether Drizzled With Icing Or Simply Dusted With Powdered Sugar, These Are Impressive

  1. Vanilla Bean & Bourbon: The vanilla extract is optional. I added it because my vanilla bean was dry and difficult to get the seeds out of. If you have good vanilla beans you can probably skip it. For the bourbon, I used the good stuff – Maker’s Mark. From The Craving Chronicles.
  2. Pecan Molasses With Bourbon Glaze: So why is this one good? Oh, I don’t know. Lots of butter and sugar. Lots of bourbon and vanilla. And it turns out that molasses, while it doesn’t smell all that good – tastes pretty yummy. From Dana Treat.
  3. Saffron Walnut: The end result was lovely–fragrant with the aroma of walnuts and saffron. I served it plain with just a light dusting of powdered sugar. From Always Order Dessert.
  4. Root Beer: For an even rootier flavor, the authors of Baked: New Frontiers in Baking suggest that you replace half a cup of root beer with the same quantity of root beer schnapps. (I hadn’t realized such a thing existed!) To make this a real root beer floatcake, simply serve a la mode. Found at Serious Eats.
  5. Snickerdoodle: The cake turned out to be quite a looker…a nice crumb, a beautiful band of cinnamon and sugar running through the center and an amazing cinnamon sugar crust. This crust is what defines this cake as being a member of the snickerdoodle family and is truly the winning component of this cake. From My Baking Addiction.
  6. Coconut: From the Neelys at Food Network.
  7. Key Lime With Margaria Frosting: It’s softer than most pound cakes, but has a tight crumb and a great lime flavor. Just for fun, and since I could really use one this week, I added a “margarita” theme by adding a little Triple Sec and Jose Cuervo to the icing. From Cookie Madness.
  8. Fresh Ginger With Lemon Glaze: Found at Food Mayhem.
  9. Lemon Ginger: Fresh citrus and crystallized ginger sparkle up this buttery, dense cake. A dusting of confectioners’ sugar finishes its presentation. From Martha Stewart.
  10. Lavender Lemon: It is important to have all of the ingredients at room temperature. When preparing the Bundt pan for baking, thoroughly grease the mold with shortening, not butter, to ensure the cake will release easily from the pan. From Williams-Sonoma.
  11. Lemon Buttermilk Rhubarb: The cake it’s self is almost too fantastic for words, rich and moist, my new favorite, for sure. It would work wonderfully with whatever fresh fruit you have on hand, as soon as there are fresh blueberries at the farmers market I’m putting them in this batter! From Honey & Jam.
  12. Ultra Lemon: It is more involved because, like the previous cake, you make a lemon rind soak for the batter and a lemon glaze for the finished cake, but you also make a second soak for the finished cake and the batter itself requires whipped egg whites to be folded into it at the last moment. This step in particular makes for a gorgeous bundt cake—lighter than a pound cake but richer and frankly tastier than sponge cake. From The Spiced Life.
  13. Lemon with Syrup: Makes a 10-inch cake. From lululu at home.
  14. Blueberry Lemon: To make a glazed version of this cake, do not dust with confectioner’s sugar after cake cools. Instead, whisk together 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar until smooth. Drizzle cake with glaze. From Martha Stewart.
  15. Blueberry Buttermilk: Makes 12 servings. Using frozen blueberries in the batter will keep the fruit from sinking to the bottom of the pan as the cake bakes. From Epicurious.
  16. Cherry & Blueberry: From Feeding Maybelle.
  17. Citrus Yogurt: A sunny cake made with yogurt, olive oil and Seville oranges! If you don’t have a ridged round pan, just use a regular old loaf pan and keep a careful eye on things about 10 minutes before the end of the bake time. Don’t have the bitter Seville oranges? Use lemons, limes, or grapefruit instead. From Poppytalk.
  18. Orange Soaked: You’ll need a thin skewer to poke holes in the cake. Serve the cake garnished with slices of peeled oranges macerated with a little sugar and rum. From Fine Cooking.
  19. Orange Date: This is moist and dense, like most Bundt cakes are. From Culinary Concoctions By Peabody.
  20. Blood Orange: It was B-E-A-utiful coming out of the oven… completely golden and perfect for devouring. It filled our kitchen with that luscious smell that only a perfectly cooked cake can emit. Part vanilla, part ambrosia, that fragrance whirls up the nostrils and sets the tummy rumbling. From My Husband Cooks.
  21. Orange Sour Cream: When made, this cake is moist and full of orange flavour. The egg whites are added in separately so you get a nice light cake that tastes even better if you serve it with the syrup and blueberries.
  22. Apple Cinnamon: If you like, coat your Bundt pan with cooking spray just before filling it with the batter to ensure that the cake will release easily from the pan. From Martha Stewart.
  23. Double Apple: As bundt cakes go, this came together easily – the only part that was a little labor intensive was grating the apples (and none of my fingers). My only changes were to omit the raisins (as I do in every recipe) and the nutmeg, toast the pecans, and double the cinnamon. I also made a cinnamon glaze for the cake. From Honey Muffin.
  24. Irish Apple: Baked in a 6″ bundt pan. Drizzled with Bailey’s Irish Cream glaze (ie, powdered sugar with Bailey’s mixed in slowly until it is just the right consistency). From Lara Ferroni.
  25. Super Moist Pumpkin: From Whipped.
  26. Spiced Pumpkin With Citrus Glaze: From Sandra Lee at Food Network.
  27. Pumpkin Spice With Buttermilk Icing: Best of all, the flavors continue to develop and the cake tastes even better a few days after it’s baked. From Epicurious.
  28. Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan: Bake in mini-bundt tins or increase the recipe by 1.5 to use a regular bundt cake pan. From Cheeky Kitchen.
  29. Glazed Chocolate Pumpkin: This tender, moist cake uses pureed pumpkin to replace much of the fat and is delicately seasoned with classic Thanksgiving flavors. From Eating Well.
  30. Spiced Cranberry: From Bon Appetit.
  31. Cream Cheese Cranberry: What do I love about this cake? The cranberries. And the cake. The cake part is moist and a tad on the heavy side, as it should be with all that butter and cream cheese. Right after you turn it out of the pan to cool, it has this kind of chewy, sugary crust. From Confections Of A Foodie Bride.
  32. Chocolate: The dessert’s elegant appearance belies its simple make-ahead preparation. From Martha Stewart.
  33. Double Chocolate: Even though it’s prepared with lots of butter, this chocolate cake turned out to be very light. The sticky chocolate ganache glaze is a nice contrast with the delicate texture of the cake. From Cafe Fernando.
  34. Chocolate Bourbon: Dense and moist with a deep, dark chocolaty flavor laced with a hint of bourbon, the cake is easy to make, better when made a day or two in advance and, to top it all off…positively dreamy. From Bella Eats.
  35. Chocolate Chunk: This was one of the lighter chocolate bundt cakes I’ve ever had. The chunks of chocolate are popular with chocolate lovers. From Use Real Butter.
  36. Chocolate Cinnamon With Mocha Icing: From Honey & Jam.
  37. Black Chocolate: Because no actual chocolate is involved, awesome cocoa powder such as Dutch-processed for maximum chocolatey-ness is paramount for this recipe. And don’t let its dense looks deceive you. It’s still unbelievably moist. (Moist Suze. Moist). But that’s not all. The subsequent soaking in a boozy cocoa-coffee concoction just adds another level of fun. From Citrus And Candy.
  38. Tangerine & White Chocolate: It’s sweet, mellow and moist, with just enough crunch. From Kayotic Kitchen.
  39. Nutty, Chocolaty, Swirl Sour Cream: The smell alone is enough to drive anyone crazy, and the taste, with the orange and the sour cream and the chocolate and the pecans/raisins/cinnamon trifecta, and mmmmm…so much happiness. From Confessions Of A Tart.
  40. Chocolate Mocha Marbled: Unlike a lot of Bundt cakes which tend to be bland and dry, this one is undeniably moist and bursting with character. If you worship at the alter of coffee, you should love this recipe. Found at Une Gamine dans la Cuisine.
  41. Pear Walnut Spice: Much like a fruitcake, there is a high ratio of fruits and nuts in this batter. The fragrant spices pair nicely with the fresh pear and toasted walnut. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. From Making Life Delicious.
  42. Pear Hazelnuts & Brown Butter: Makes a dozen mini bundt cakes. From Cannelle et Vanille.
  43. Pear Ginger: Light, moist and full of zesty flavor, this simple bundt cake recipe combines a fresh ginger-based syrup with minced crystallized ginger and juicy chunks of fresh pear. From Woman’s Day.
  44. Spiced Zucchini Pear: It’s full of zucchini, pears and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Plus it’s topped with a cream cheese frosting flavored with maple syrup. Yep, definitely a lot going on for one little cake. But it’s not overwhelming. In fact, all of those many flavors work together to create one super seasonal and super yummy treat. From Completely Delicious.
  45. Zucchini With Crunchy Lemon: The genius of the glaze is adding granulated sugar, which gives it an especially profound sweet-lemony sour crunch. The glaze is not a looker (which finally made me break out my silicon pastry brush for the first time, and I’m never going back to bristles again) but it tastes amazing with the spiced zucchini batter and I’m happy to let looks step aside to give way to flavor. From David Lebovitz.
  46. Zucchini Banana: This could also be made into loaf pans, with enough to fill about 2. Once cooled, dust with powdered sugar. From Bakeaholic.
  47. Classic Banana: The cake is wonderful. Simple, sweet and satisfying. It was a little too sweet for me, so I cut back the sugar a bit (down to 1 3/4 cup) and next time might try reducing it even more. But it is lovely as is. It kept will under a cake dome for a few days and we have been happily slicing off a sliver throughout the day. From Lottie + Doof.
  48. Marbled Banana: This bundt cake popped right out of the pan, in one beautiful piece, thanks to a VERY liberal butter & flour job. So this bundt, unlike the last, had more than just taste going for it (to be expected, with the banana chocolate combo). From The Sweets Life.
  49. Bananas ‘n Cream: This absolutely scrumptious cake needs no icing…just a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. Even though this recipe has been a ‘family secret’ for years, I’m delighted to share it with my fellow Reminisce readers. From Taste of Home.
  50. Coconut Carrot: A delightfully rich and fairly healthy vegan cake. Alone, the cake is not too sweet, but the coconut glaze with crystallized ginger kicks the sugar up a notch. My favorite thing about this cake is the heavenly marriage of flavor created by the cardamom and coconut. From Sweet Potato Soul.
  51. Guilt Free Carrot: The cake is still pretty moist even without the fat, because the batter contains buttermilk and pineapple juice, and the carrot and pineapple add moisture too. From Sugar Plum.
  52. Pecan Carrot: The pecans and citrus flavor make this dessert special. It’s a moist cake with sweet, creamy frosting. From Taste of Home.
  53. Carrot: This carrot cake is very moist and tender, without being wet or heavy. One of the big differences between this and what we’ll call the “average” carrot cake recipe is that it doesn’t use oil. I far prefer butter because it adds flavor and always seems lighter in the finished cake. From Baking Bites.
  54. Carrot Pineapple With Sour Cream Frosting: The best part of this cake? The crunchy caramelized edges you get from using a bundt pan! It reminds me of a cross between a pineapple upside down cake, a coffee cake and carrot cake! Found at Shutterbean.
  55. Red Velvet: It was delicious – moist, flavorful and a beautiful red hue. Instead of making a layered cake, I opted for a bundt since it was easier to make and still provides a nice presentation. From What’s Cookin, Chicago.
  56. Guinness: From Confessions of a (Closet) Master Baker.

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