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40+ Cake Baking Tips & Tricks

Here is a large assortment of tips I’ve accumulated over the years. Keep in mind different recipes will provide different results, but overall I’ve found these do noticeably improve most recipes or make things easier.

Some recipes success depend on a specific ingredient or action. If one of these tips contradicts your recipe, your best bet is to follow what you have.




Prepping Tins:

Homemade Magic Pan Grease: You can buy Magic Grease or make your own. This is used as a substitute to greasing then dusting with flour when directed to do so. Keep unused portion in an airtight container and refrigerate to use next time.

More greasing tips:

Getting It Level:


Check For Doneness:

Problems With Sticking To Tin:

Angel Food:

Frosting & Icing:


Keep Cut Slices Fresh:

Once you start slicing, the exposed or cut sides can dry out quickly. Here’s a way to keep things fresh:


And finally–sometimes it seems things just never turn out right. Try running through the following list to see if you can spot what the problem may be. A common issue is that the oven temperature isn’t true to what the dial says. Buy a thermometer, preheat your oven and test.

Has A HumpDark Bottom
  • The oven was overly hot when baking started
  • Too much flour used
  • Pan too deep or large, keeps top from browning
  • Dark pans absorb more heat, place on higher oven rack (same with pyrex)
  • Pan was warped which caused uneven browning
Has Deep CracksHas Fallen
  • Temperature too high
  • Too much: flour or baking powder
  • Temperature too low
  • Peeked while baking
  • Removed from oven early
  • Too much: shortening or sugar or bicarb or baking powder
  • Not enough flour
Coarse TextureIt’s Running-Over
  • Temperature not high enough
  • Batter over mixed
  • Too much baking powder or flour
  • Temperature not high enough
  • Pan not large enough
  • Too much baking powder or sugar
It’s ToughIt’s Doughy
  • Temperature too hot
  • Not enough shortening or sugar
  • Too much flour
  • Temperature too low
  • Left in pan too long after removing from oven
Light In ColorBrowned Edges
  • Temperature too low
  • Another pan too close while baking
  • Oven too full
  • Tin touching another one or oven wall
Not Large Enough
  • Temperature too high
  • Not enough baking powder
  • Over mixed batter
  • Oversized pan