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Creative Cake Cutting Ideas: {How-To}

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Here’s a fun collection of tips I’ve gathered for showing how to cut cakes in creative ways, these have been snipped from my vast collection of vintage cookbooks.

The intention of the illustrations was to show how to economize by getting more servings or to serve pieces in more unique shapes for something a little different.

You’ll also find a few nifty frosting suggestions at the bottom of the page.

#1 – Two Layer Beauty

Use a thin, sharp knife. Insert the point into the cake…keeping the point down and handle up, slice…pulling the knife toward you. If frosting sticks, dip blade in hot water.

#2 – Small & Dainty

#3 – Center Layer

#4 – Party Sheet (Triangles)

For oblong/rectangular shapes

#5 – Diamond Shapes:

#6 – Suggestions For Squares: