CD Case Templates & Holders: {DIY Tutorials}

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Here’s a collection of assorted protective items to make for CDs (both individual and collection holders). These are suitable for both personal use and gift-giving. A little bit of everything in this crafty list including sewing projects, paper folding and free printables (with a few featuring lovely shapes & designs). Enjoy!

Makeover Leather: Cover made from a piece of leather and heavyweight snaps, sleeves are from an old case (the spine needs to be intact).

Folded Paper: Shows you how to fold an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper to fit over a CD.

6-Pocket: Easy to adjust so you can have as many (or as few) pockets as you like. Sewing project.

Lunch Bag: A clever method of folding makes this the easiest project ever. Add labels or graphics if you wish.

Card Stock Sleeve: Card stock is cut down to size, folded then sides sealed with tape. A circle punch cuts a half-moon on one side for easier disc grabbing.

For Car Visor: The back has elastic straps so it can be attached to a car’s visor.

Folded Paper: Free patterned template to download (includes folding instructions), pdf file.

Pretty: Print, fold and glue into place to make this gift-worthy protector for your favorite tunes.

Flower: Nice for gift-giving, this gives instructions & measurements for making a flower that will fold into a case.

Packaging How-To: Made with small paper bags, twine, string or yarn and printable sticker paper. Cover with clear bag to finish it off (optional).

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