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DIY Coffee Scrubs Help Get Rid Of Cellulite? Who Knew!

Alright ladies, I don’t know about you but the back of my thighs don’t look as, ummmm, smooth as they once did. As I understand it, cellulite develops over time in parts of the body that don’t get much circulation. Considering the amount of time I spend sitting in front of the computer (to write and research these handy tips, lol), no wonder I have issues! It also explains why the butt and back of the legs develop that “cottage cheese” look that commonly happens as we age.

Exercise routines that focus on problem areas can help, but here’s an interesting suggestion sent in by Linda: save coffee grounds to use as a body scrub on areas that have cellulite. Of course that tip caught my full attention and I just had to investigate further…and yup, apparently it can make a difference. Here’s the scoop:


Is it ok if it’s decaffeinated? Apparently it’s not as effective, the caffeine is an important ingredient that can’t be skipped.

Here Are A Few More Remedies:

Thanks a bunch to Linda for sharing this!

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