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How To Get The Best From Your Christmas Cactus

Blooming Christmas Cactus: Beautiful!

Soil: Does well in almost any good garden soil. Needs no feeding except when buds begin to set.

Water: Avoid overwatering. It needs to be gently pushed into dormancy at the beginning of November to ensure holiday blooms, allow the plant to dry out between light waterings during this time. Keep soil lightly moist during blooming.

Pests: Almost immune. Yellow leaves and flower buds dropping off may be caused by too much water.

Heat: Moderate to cool. Keep away from heat sources when trying to trigger it’s dormant period.

Light: In the Fall encourage bud development by placing it in a room where it will be in complete darkness at least 12 hours a night (up to 14 hours). When buds show, place in a location where it gets sun part of the day.

Propagation: Take cuttings in Spring, at place where aerial roots have come out. Let cuttings lie for a few days to callous over, then pot in ordinary soil.

Notes: Set pot outdoors in summer and forget about it. Bring it in before frost, withhold water for about six weeks, then begin to water about time to produce buds for holiday bloom.