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3 Ways To Cook Clams & Mussels Like A Pro

If you’re looking for easy meal ideas or impressive appetizers and starters, clams and mussels fit the bill perfectly. Beginner cooks can prepare these with confidence and they make an impressive, tasty dish with little effort.

Here are three different ways to cook them (steaming, oven cooked and grilling), including instructions for how to clean them. I’ve also added a few tips at the bottom for buying, storing and portion guidelines.

Since the directions below apply to both clams and mussels, I’ll keep things simple and refer to them both as shellfish or mollusks instead of individually.

Quick Notes:

How To Clean & Prep

To Steam:

To Oven Bake:

This is technically steaming since they’re cooked in sealed parchment paper pouches with a bit of liquid.

To Grill: