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Cleaning Concrete & Stain Removal Tips: {DIY}

Sometimes beverages are spilled on patios, or mildew, moss and white salt spots develop (especially when located in shade or humid environments). Here are a few ways you can clean that up yourself along with tips for removing oil, rust, berry and other stains on concrete or cement slabs.

MachineBefore Getting Started:

General Remedy:

If the above recipes and tips don’t do the trick, try the options below.

Coffee, Wine & Beverages:


Grilling/Grease Splatters:

Salt or White Spots:

Moss, Mildew, Mold & Algae:



Doing mechanical work on the driveway is convenient but lay down protective covering first if possible (tarps or sheets of cardboard will do the trick). If you’ve had an oil spill, cover as soon as possible with sand, kitty litter, table salt or talcum powder to soak up as much of the oil as possible (and prevent it from seeping deeper into the concrete or cement). Leave for 24 hours, sweep clear then proceed with one of the methods below: