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Gingham Fruit Cross Stitch & Embroidery Set: {Vintage}

This is a cross stitch & embroidery transfer pattern set (another Days of the Week) from the 1940s or 1950s. It’s one of my favorites since the designs are so simple yet so charming and “retro”. Very easy to do involving mostly cross stitch, but also requires the blanket stitch, outline stitch and Lazy-Daisy stitch (instructions for those are on the details download found below).


Directions: Click on image to access larger pattern (jpg file format), right click and then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric. You will find pattern transfer tips here [1].

Monday - Pears [2]

Monday - Pears

Tuesday - Cherries [3]

Tuesday - Cherries

Wednesday - Apples [4]

Wednesday - Apples

Thursday - Strawberries [5]

Thursday - Strawberries

Friday - Grapes [6]

Friday - Grapes

Saturday - Peaches [7]

Saturday - Peaches

Sunday - Plums [8]

Sunday - Plums

Printing tips: Uncheck your printer’s equivalent to “Print to Page” and “Maintain Aspect Ratio” so that the pattern stays true to actual size.

The instructions that came with the set are typed below. They suggest using Red for the fruit (each piece of fruit is meant to be the same color), but feel free to change it to match your decor or mix ‘n match the colors each day.

Gingham Fruit Cross Stitch: Instructions

You can download the Project Pattern Color Recommendations here: Pattern Details [9] (pdf).

Big four and five inch fruits done in the popular “gingham” cross stitch effect will make you a handsome set of tea towels.

You can also use the designs on place mats, breakfast cloths and outdoor dining luncheon cloths. The bright colors will add gaiety to any kitchen, dinette or dining porch!




Color Symbols: