3 Easy Ways To Conquer The Net – With Tipnut!

Tipnut.com is filled with THOUSANDS of free patterns, crafts, recipes, homemade cleaners, DIY projects, cleaning and stain removal tips, endless amounts of freebies and goodies. You get the idea ;). And there is plenty more to come, I assure you! There is so much information here that I know it’s hard to remember or keep track of what’s on this site.

Here Are 3 Smart & Easy Ways To Find What You Want On The Internet - All Using Tipnut!

Here Are 3 Smart & Easy Ways To Find What You Want Online - All Using Tipnut!

We’re all used to automatically bouncing over to our search engine of choice when looking for something online and then spending time picking through the various search results, dodging a lot of spam sites and iffy stuff hoping to find what we’re looking for. We’re creatures of habit, that’s what we know, that’s how we’ve been doing it for years.

The problem is with the amount of data that is online now, it’s becoming harder and harder to find good quality stuff or exactly what we want. Or it’s hard finding anything NEW, it seems to be always the same sites over and over again when you want a recipe or a craft project or just some handy home remedies.

Frequently I get notes from readers saying things like:

Why Didn't I Search Tipnut.com First!

Why Didn't I Just Search Tipnut.com First!

“I just finished spending two hours searching online for jam recipes and then I thought to check your site, of course you had a pile of them for me to browse through. Wish I had thought of that in the first place!”

…or this:

“I recently purchased an ebook of home remedies for coughs and then remembered that you have a bunch of them–FOR FREE! Not happy with myself right now, blew $15 for nothing.”

…and this:

“I’ve spent a lot of money over the years buying apron patterns and you have at least a hundred of them listed for free on Tipnut, you’re saving me a pile of cash!”

I may not have every single crafty and clever thing listed on Tipnut just yet, but I sure do have a lot of it!

Here are three easy ways you can combine the power of an online search engine with Tipnut so you can save yourself the hassle of digging through thousands of search listings–and of course, all free!

Easy Method #1

Add Tipnut.com as your default search engine and then you can search tipnut.com right from your browser! Here’s how you do it (for Microsoft Internet Explorer):

  • Go to the top of the page here on Tipnut and type (in all capital letters) the word TEST into the search box, then hit the search button. Make sure to use all capital letters when typing TEST, otherwise this won’t work.
  • Next, copy the link at the top of your browser page, it will look like this:


  • Now visit Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Addon Page here: Create your own Search Provider
  • Paste the tipnut link into the URL box
  • Type the word Tipnut in the Name box
  • Leave character encoding as it is (UTF-8)
  • Click the button that says Install Search Provider
  • Set it as default (if you wish)
Installing Tipnut As A Search Provider In Windows Internet Explorer

Installing Tipnut As A Search Provider In Windows Internet Explorer

And voila! every time you make a search from your browser, you’ll automatically search Tipnut first.

But don’t worry, you’re not locked into anything! If you want to make a search with another search engine, just click on the arrow beside the search box in your browser and choose the one you want. So easy!

It's Easy Peasy To Switch Search Engines To Whatever You Want

It's Easy Peasy To Switch Search Engines To Whatever You Want

If you use a different browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer, check your browser’s support pages for how to add a website as a search provider.

Easy Method #2

Here’s another way you can use a search engine with Tipnut so you’ll always find the good stuff quickly…

  • Each time you search for something online, use the keyword “tipnut” first.
  • For example, if you’re looking for a zucchini bread recipe, visit the search engine and type in “tipnut zucchini bread” (quotes aren’t necessary)…and voila! you have a pile of recipes at your fingertips that I’ve collected from all over the net (saving you time and better yet–you know the ones I pick are goodies).

The first results from your searches will always be from Tipnut.com (disregarding the search engine’s sponsored advertisements that may appear) and it works with any search engine you use…if not, the search engine is kablooey and it’s time to pick a different one! lol.

Here are a few examples (I’ve removed any advertisements):

Bing's Results For -- Tipnut Canning Labels

Bing's Results For -- Tipnut Canning Labels

Google's Results For Searching -- Tipnut Apron Patterns

Google's Results For Searching -- Tipnut Apron Patterns

Ask's Results For -- Tipnut Jam Jelly Marmalade Recipes

Ask's Results For -- Tipnut Jam Jelly Marmalade Recipes

Yahoo's Results For -- Tipnut Zucchini Bread Recipes

Yahoo's Results For -- Tipnut Zucchini Bread Recipes

It may take getting used to at first, but once you get into the habit of typing “tipnut” before typing your search terms, it will become second nature. And if I have compiled the information or freebies that you’re looking for–you’ll find them in a snap, saving yourself a big pile of time (and sometimes cash) in the process ;).

  • Tip: Try putting a sticky note on your monitor to help you remember to type tipnut first when searching

Easy Method #3

Well this one’s so simple, I’m almost embarrassed to mention it. If either of the above two options won’t work for you, here’s what you can do:

  • Get into the habit of visiting tipnut.com first before your favorite search engine and use the search box on-site (it’s powered by Google). That’s it! Simple huh.

To make it even easier, just add Tipnut to your favorites bar (first go to Tipnut’s home page, then in Internet Explorer click “Favorites” then “Add To Favorites” then “Create In Favorites Bar”…and Tipnut should appear right on your browser’s favorites bar!) By doing this, Tipnut is always just one click away, click each time you want to search on Tipnut.com to see what I’ve already collected. (This can be done with other browsers too).

Or if you prefer, set Tipnut.com as your home page and click your “Home” button each time you want to make a search (to do this in Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” then “Internet Options” then copy and paste http://tipnut.com/ into the box at the top, click “Apply” and you’re done!). Each time your browser is opened, you’ll visit Tipnut. Each time you want to make a search, click your “Home” button on your browser and you’ll be here instantly.

It's Easy To Add Tipnut.com As Your Home Page

It's Easy To Add Tipnut.com As Your Home Page

Again, this will take some getting used to, but why not take advantage of all the legwork that I’ve already done? Once you get into the habit you’ll find yourself naturally visiting Tipnut first to make your searches and see what goodies I’ve already gathered for you.


  • No more wasting time sifting through thousands of iffy search results trying to find something worthwhile!
  • Better yet, much of the resources, patterns and projects I have listed on tipnut.com aren’t easily found in the search engines so even if you dig and dig and dig some more using a search engine without Tipnut, you won’t find a lot of what I’ve gathered. Trust me I know! It can take me several hours to prepare things like a craft project list or recipe hit list (because I’m super-picky and only select the ones I feel are best).
  • If you’ve been visiting here for awhile, you know I love finding and collecting good links and sharing all kinds of cool stuff from around the net :). If it’s crafty or clever, it will be on Tipnut.com (and if not, it will be soon).


  • This won’t work for off-topic stuff (like insurance quotes or real estate), but if you’re looking for anything to do with creative homemaking such as crafts, DIY, gardening, cooking/recipes, homemade cleaners, printables, fix-it tips, etc., checking tipnut.com first will only take a second and you can hit the jackpot of good quality resources.

Although there are thousands of goodies here for you on this site, I still have lots more to add so hang in there and don’t give up using Tipnut first to find what you want. It just takes a few seconds to search with Tipnut (using any of the methods listed above), but if I have already done the work finding what you’re looking for, this tip can save you boatloads of time (and even cash since 99.9% of everything I list is free).

There’s so much information listed here that I know this tip will have you conquering the net and enable you to find good quality stuff lickety split, I hope you find it useful!