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Convection Oven Cooking: {Quick Tips}

Convection ovens are becoming a popular item for today’s kitchens as they have come down in price and promise to speed up cooking times with excellent results…but they do require a bit of adjusting to cook and bake with when using recipes based on the use of conventional ovens.

Roast Meats And Vegetables On A Very Shallow Pan For Even Browning

Many newer convection ovens are programmed to automatically adjust the temperature and cooking times you enter from favorite recipes, but if you need to do the math yourself here’s the rule of thumb to use:

It may take a bit of adjusting and you will learn your oven’s abilities over time, but it’s nothing too complicated and the above is a good standard to start with.

How’s this all work? Convection ovens have a fan (or fans) that moves the heat around continuously throughout the oven, this cooks and browns food more quickly and evenly and works especially well for open-roasted meats and vegetables (rather than covered dishes like casseroles).

More Tips

These are just guidelines so you’ll want to check food a few minutes earlier than you normally would to test for doneness. After you gain experience cooking and baking with a convection oven, you’ll be able to better judge accurate cooking times and temperatures to use for particular recipes.