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4 Easy Ways To Cook Squash: {Plus Tips}

Squash is one of the most delightful vegetables and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Both summer and winter varieties are cooked by similar methods but some of the summer varieties, when very young and tender, require only a short cooking time.

HalvedThe yellow meat squash are especially rich in essential vitamins and their flavor is also more pronounced than other varieties.

Here’s a handy tip sheet that details how to prepare it four different ways (boiled, sauteed, baked and roasted)…I also have a few tips listed at the bottom.

Getting Started: Prepping Tips

Steaming or Boiling Method

Pan Fried (Sauteed): Basic Recipe

Baked Method

Baked & Stuffed:

For small varieties, try baking them stuffed!

How To Roast


Source: Some of the information above is from the booklet “Vegetable Cook Book” by McFayden Seeds (1948)