Assorted Free Calendars To Print: {2008 – 2013}

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Some fantastic freebies here! Many of the designs shown below are just a sample of what each calendar offers and there’s quite an assortment here to suit everyone’s preferences. You’ll find monthly, year-at-a-glance, desk top versions and more.

Each year is organized in its own group with the most recent listed at top of this page (2008 is the first collection started on Tipnut and it’s at the bottom of the page). There are also several resources listed for online calendar generators, blank templates and planner pages to download (perfect for updating your household notebooks and binders).

Each year I’ll be updating this page so you may want to bookmark it for future reference. Have fun!

Geometric Pattern: A different color and pattern for each month, this is from August, 2012 to July, 2013.

Doodle Write-In: (Jan-Dec 2013) There’s a space on each page to jot down a few reminders.

Cat & Trees: Year at a glance format that includes a few stickers (cat and trees).

Set of 6: A few different goodies to choose from, simply done with a full year per page.

Victorian: Nice black & white graphic on top, full year on page.

Editable/Half-Sheet: Two months per sheet and each day can be edited (pdf).

Set of 2: There’s a slight difference between the two with one having a white box background in the header.

Ornate/Vintage: Will fit on letter-sized paper, download via pdf.

Owl Lover: This year’s edition is now online, pick and choose the graphics you like.

More Goodies:

Here’s an assortment of online resources that offer pages to print out, some offer customization options!


Doodle Write In: Each page has a colorful floral background. (13 pages).

For Owl Lovers: It’s back for 2012! You can pick & choose the designs you want or grab the pre-made version. Over 45 to choose from.

Kokeshi Doll Mini: A different doll & color scheme for each month, six per page.

Fillable Pro: Loaded with features! Can customize/add images, saves data (like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc.), notepad (along the right side of page), and more.

Colorful Notepaper Theme: Available in two pages, six per page with each in a different color, features a strip of lined paper at the bottom of each page to jot notes.

Vintage Fashion: A new fashion model in muted colors for each page (zip file).

Vintage Paris: View the full year on one page, features a vintage drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Available via jpg or pdf.

Purple Doodles: A full year on one page with pretty floral doodles in purple.

11″ x 17″: A simple but sweet design featuring two colorful birds at top.

Garden Produce: Lovely illustrations of fresh garden produce (lots of color!).

Black & Orange: Nice design! A single 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper (at 80%) or 11″ x 14″ (100%).

CD Case Version: Bright and cheery with colorful flowers, two per page (cut and slide into a clear plastic CD case).

Five Colors To Choose From: Five pages, each with a full year (different color sets).

Wildflowers: Six per page and comes in two different options: a watercolor background or in white.

All Things Sweet & Lovely: Two per page and features an assortment of sweet, vintage-y goodness (recipes, paper dolls, etc.).

Purple & Orange: 8 1/2″ x 11″, nice purple and orange design, displays each month on a full page.

Poppy: A single page with a poppy illustration in the background.

Lovely Herbs: Gorgeous illustrations of various garden herbs.

Motivate Me Design: Four per page, includes a motivational quote for each.


Owl Lover: Simply stunning! The neat thing about this one is that you can pick and choose the artwork before downloading.

Doodle 2011 Write In: Monthly, via pdf.

Watercolor: Lovely watercolor artwork…you need a free Scribd account to access the file.

Here’s A Small One: Size is 4.4 x 7.6 centimeters: a whole year behind a single business card!

Laundry (mini): Covers October 2010 through March 2012, there’s also a DIY tutorial for making it.

Pretty Graphics: Lovely original designs, one for each day of the month.

Choose Your Color: 5″x7″ year-at-a-glance, available in a variety of colors.

Bunny (coloring): Cute for the kiddos to color.

Bright: If you’re looking for lots of color, this is the one for you!

Bookmarks: These are editable so you can type in your text, along with two graphics for 2011 (all four on one page).

David Seah’s Compact Version: This favorite has been updated for 2011. Requires Microsoft Excel 1997 or greater (zip file).

Flowers & Horses: Two different styles to choose from, both lovely.

Bright Orange Flowers: Year-at-a-glance format.

Kawaii 2011 Mini: Very sweet designs in this set, also see the cute wall version you can grab too.

Today You Are You: A nice year-at-a-glance Dr. Seuss inspired design.

Produce Odyssey: Features a different garden vegetable or fruit illustration for each month.


Free 2010 Planner Pages By

2010 Dada Calendar By


  1. Desk Style: The pages will fit into any cd jewel case (just flip it inside out to make a stand). Just print, cut on the guidelines et voila! You can also use decorative paper (wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper…anything you like) to mat the pages and pin them on a board.
  2. Coloring: It is a coloring page with a cute little cow.
  3. 2009: Charming illustrations, two per page.
  4. Assorted: Lots to choose from here, and pretty nice too!
  5. Organized Home Pages: Clean and simple design, perfect for Household Notebooks.
  6. Cookie Jars: Features a different cookie jar for each month.

*Updated: Previous listings for 2008 were moved to the top of page since they’ve been updated for the current year. If you’re still looking for one, see Martha Stewart’s Blueprint Template (see details here–uses a blank CD case) which is still available for 2008.

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