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40+ Crafty Things To Make For Children

Here’s a packed list of free tutorials and patterns geared for the kids, many would make a great homemade gifts. Then I have listed several DIY projects that kiddos will love along with a few tips and ideas. You’ll find a separate list of softies patterns and tutorials here [1].


Character Foamies [2]: Free crochet pattern. A washcloth and bath toy in one!

Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack [3]: The design is fairly simple, make a drawstring bag with a twist: a clear plastic window to see all the toys.



10 Homemade Playdough Recipes [4]: A little bit of everything here from basic cooked, non-cooked, glitter to koolaid to jello.

Roll-up Kitchen Playmat [5]: Sewing tutorial. A pretty, portable play kitchen playmat out of fabric.



Lap Desk Tutorial [6]: You’ll find a free pdf download giving you all the details on how to put one together.

Planket Tutorial [7]: (also known as a quillow) Great for sleepovers and traveling, it’s a pillow & blanket in one. (also see travel pillow [8]).



Sesame Street Hats [9]: The hat is made in simple crochet with a crochet balls cleverly attached to look like your favorite character.

Retro Doll Pajama Bag [10]: Free vintage pattern (found at bottom of page).



Cardboard-Box Oven Craft [11]: Make this lovely cardboard oven with materials from around your home.

Embellished Hooded Towel [12]: Great for bath time and swim time!



Subway Tile Nameplates [13]: Make personalized nameplates out of subway tiles that you can stick on bedroom doors or wherever else you like.

Personalized Birdie Pillow [14]: Sweet pillow any princess will love.



T-Shirt Pillow [15]: What could be more comfy (and fun) to snuggle with!

Bathtub Crayons [16]: Made with bars of ivory soap, food coloring gel and a bit of water.



Piggy Bank Makeover [17]: Add a bit of flair and charm to plain piggy banks.

Laminated Kids Wallet [18]: Sewing tutorial.



Toy Camera Tutorial [19]: Made with black felt, a bit of vinyl and embroidery floss. Features a back “window” that you slide a photo into.

Boy’s Messenger Bag [20]: Learn how to jazz up a military ammo bag.



Fish In A Bag Soap [21]: This easy-to-make soap is a wonderful Handmade Holiday gift.

Pencil Roll Tutorial [22]: Nice little rollup pouch for pencils and pencil crayons.



Cupboard Door Art Desk [23]: Some woodworking is involved (a plain router is used to dig out the groove for pencils), wooden legs attached, pieces are spray painted and decorative paper mod podged on top.

Lap Desk [24]: A piece of scrap wood is painted then covered with fabric and stuffing on the bottom so it’s nice ‘n soft.



Lil’ Bunny Bathmitt [25]: Made with a handtowel, washcloth and wee scrap of felt. Includes a free pattern to download (hand drawn).

Piggy Bank Freebie [26]: A fabric piggy wallet that zips closed, fun idea for kiddos to hold their little treasures.



Fabric Kite [27]: One side is a large piece of fabric, the other is a patchwork of fabric scraps.

Stick Horse [28]: Fun! These are made with a big sock, buttons, stuffing, wool yarn (for the manes), an old broomstick and other basic items.



Garden Sensory Box [29]: Includes free printables for the veggie markers, this is made with an empty egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners and assorted items.

Chick-sicle [30]: A fun, rice filled cooling pad for children, pattern via pdf download. Also see these simple hot/cold packs [31] you can make.



Sponge Balls [32]: Fun to soak in water then toss around on hot summer days, these are made with sponges in a variety of colors.

Bike Bucket [33]: Here’s how to make a bright and cheery basket to tote around treasures.



Sewing Kit [34]: If you have an up-and-coming young crafter, here’s a lovely little item to make for them.

Lego Sack [35]: Nifty fabric bag with a drawstring closure, this spreads apart to double as a floor mat (keeping those little pieces tidy in one spot).



Water Blob Tutorial [36]: A large piece of plastic sheeting is taped shut and filled with water, what a fun way to cool down during hot summer days!

Crayon Rolls

Here’s a great project for beginner sewers since crayon rolls are so easy to make (simple sewing is all the skill you need). The idea is similar for each of the projects below but they feature their own design twist (fabric and finishing choices, etc.). A couple of these projects have been featured on Tipnut before but included here to make one handy project sheet (I included projects for both wax and pencils). I’ll be adding to this list as I find more goodies, enjoy!


Lined With Flannel [37]: Single row, made with two coordinating fabrics, lined with flannel and features a button and hair elastic closure.

Double Row [38]: Made with quilted fabric, two pieces of coordinating fabric, ribbon and binding.



Made From Placemat [39]: Made with a regular size placemat and a piece of ribbon to tie it up with.

10-Minute [22]: Made with mid to heavy weight fabric and edges are finished in a zig-zag stitch or serged. Ties up with attached twill tape.



For Pencils [40]: Designed to solve the wavy-pencil-roll syndrome and lay flat and tidy.

Fold-up Pouch [41]: Made with two pieces of fabric, coordinating felt and ties up with ribbon. Tutorial available via free pdf download.



With Ric-Rack Edges [42]: Made with three coordinating prints, lightweight fusible interfacing, ric-rack trim and Heat & Bond Vinyl.

Roll-Up [43]: Holds 14 crayons with each pocket a different fabric scrap (in a rainbow of colors), lined with batting and has fabric ties.



No-Sew Felt [44]: Very easy and will hold 24 pencil crayons. Made with wool or wool-blend felt and leather cord. Includes a free pdf pattern download.

Another tutorial is found here: chocolateonmycranium.blogspot.com [45].

DIY Projects

First Published: September 22, 2007

Is it time to remind your kids how super cool awesome you are? Here are a few great projects you can build with your kiddos, a little bit of something for almost every age range.

Kids Crafts & Cookie Sheets

First Published: April 5, 2007

Give kids their own Craft Cookie Sheet to work over top of when snipping bits of paper, gluing pieces of ‘stuff’ together, dusting pom poms with glitter and all the other fun, wild & crazy things kids love to do when crafting.

By giving them each a cookie sheet to use as their crafting space, cleanup is a BREEZE. Simply pick up the sheet and flip the bits into the garbage or recycle bin.

When the glue comes out, just let it dry then scrape it off when you have a chance. Or leave the dried glue on–no problem. No more mess from one end of the table to the other.

Store the sheets for future use in the craft supplies cupboard, don’t use for baking.

Flannel Board

First Published: December 22, 2006

Materials Needed:


Felt piece ideas:

Homemade Goop

First Published: March 14, 2007

Fun to play with, but messy!

1/2 cup white household glue
1/2 cup water
nontoxic poster paint

1/2 cup water
3/4 tsp borax

Caution: keep the kids at a table covered with newspapers and don’t let this get on the floor or furniture–a few garbage bags on the floors are a good thing, just in case ;).