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25+ Lovely Crochet Flowers: {Free Patterns & Instructions}

Use these little charmers to embellish totes, bags, hats, headbands and whatever else you like. They can be made with cotton yarn, wool, crochet cotton and even embroidery thread. Lots of different styles and patterns to choose from in this collection, many including nicely detailed instructions. I’ll be adding more over time so you may want to bookmark this page for reference, enjoy!


Petal Puff Stitch [1]: Made with worsted weight yarn in two colors (one for the petals, the other for the center).

6 Styles & Leaf [2]: Designs include round bows & leaves in 2 layers, one with “wheel” center, one with pointed bows & leaves in 3 layers, starflower, chainflowers (2), and a leaf.



African [3]: A block (Paperweight Granny) that can be used to embellish projects or stitched together as hexagon blocks.

May [4]: Made with embroidery floss and a size 4 steel hook. Three pieces needed for each: 1 larger, 1 smaller and a leaf. Beads for the center.



Japanese [5]: Can be made in a single color or multi-colors, pretty scallop around the outer edge.

With Leaves [6]: Two layers with a cheery center that can be embellished with a button (optional), includes instructions for leaves that can be attached to back if you like.



How To [7]: Made with thread and a size 2.25 hook, stitches used are mainly chains and dc.

Layered [8]: Features two layers and includes tips for embellishing the center found on this page [9] (with buttons, beads, etc.).



Frilly [10]: Features three layers and a cheery center (7 rounds).

Roses [11]: Makes a large rose suitable for embellishing garments (no finished size noted but a chain of 57 starts things off).



Appliques [12]: Six charmers in 2 different sizes (pdf download).

Pointy [13]: Made with 8 ply wool, a 4mm hook and starts with a magic ring (includes reference to tutorial). Center embellished with button (optional).



Basic Rose With Stem [14]: (stem part is optional) A scalloped strip of two rows is made (with ch, sc, dc) then rolled and stitched together to shape the rose.

Small Rosette [15]: Made with fingering weight yarn for a delicate piece, a scalloped edge row is made then rolled into shape and held together with a few stitches.



Pretty [16]: Features a large center with a single row of petals around it (uses the magic loop method to start).

Fridgies [17]: Attach to magnets if you like (to make fridgies) or make them into brooches, etc. Center is worked on top of finished piece.



Little Picot [18]: Center is done in the round then each petal is made with a picot stitch.

Frothy [19]: Starts at the center with a magic circle.



Small [20]: Made with cotton embroidery floss and small enough to use as embellishments on cards, etc.

Faux-chet [21]: Not crocheted but fits nicely with this collection, yarn is braided then rolled into shape.



Multi-Layered [22]: Made with a fingering weight cotton or cotton blend yarn and a 2.5mm hook, suitable size for a brooch or whatever you like.

6 & 7 Petal [23]: Two different sizes available, large (7 petals) and small (6 petals).



Pop Top [24]: Metal pull-tabs (from soda or drink cans) are covered with stitches (using 1 or 2 colors of thread).

Stars [25]: These can be attached to each other to make a larger project or use singly and embellish with beads and spirals (as leaves).



Picot [26]: Done in two colors, design features pointy petals on the outer layer & round ones on the inner layer.

Swirls [27]: Worked in two yarns of different colors (the bulkier the yarn the bulkier the swirl).



Cute [28]: Features a raised center, made with mercerized cotton thread (#10) and hook size #10 (US).

6-Petals [29]: Each twists a bit to overlap the previous one, starts out with 11 sc stitches in the starting ring (4 ch).



Tahiti Blossom [30]: Made with a 2mm hook and 4-ply yarn, available via pdf download.

3 Versions [31]: Available via pdf download, here are three different designs that are ideal for embellishing totes, flip flops, whatever you like!



Daisies [32]: Has two layers of petals and uses basic stitches (sl, ch and sc).

Two-Toned Centers [33]: Has six petals and center is done in two shades of the same color (begins with a magic ring).