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25+ Lovely Crochet Scarf Patterns: {Free}

Here’s a nice mix of different scarves you can crochet, some are unisex and work well for both men and women while others are more lacey and feminine. I also made a separate list for cowls and neck warmers plus added a vintage head scarf pattern (you’ll find those at the bottom). If you’re looking for some that are knit, see this project page here [1].


Boutique [2]: Skill level marked as “Easy”. Shell stitch design. Finished size approx. 8″ wide x 50 1/2″ long.

Ribbed [3]: Made with a beautiful variation of a hdc stitch that feels nice and is quick to make up. Basic tutorial (easy to figure out).



Granny Square [4]: Shows how to attach squares together (requires about 20 granny squares).

Soft As Lamb [5]: It’s light & fluffy and has a nice drape due to using a larger hook size than called for with worsted weight yarn.



Vertical Stripe [6]: Super simple and is a combination of sc alternated with single chain.

Icarus [7]: Finished size measures 4″ x64″ including fringe, after blocking.



Cluster Stitch [8]: Made with 3 skeins of worsted yarn, cluster stitch design.

Sweet Guy [9]: This is made by combining 3 rows of each color until you get to the middle, 5 rows of grey, and then reversing the order of the colors to the other edge.



Window Pane [10]: This is worked lengthwise, so although you have to get through a long foundation chain, there are only 5 or 7 rows.

Granny’s Skinny [11]: Skill level marked as “Advanced Beginner”. Finished size measures 5″ x 60″.



Claudia [12]: Work the first half then rejoin yarn into back of foundation chain and make second half. This results in the ends matching.

Ziggy Lace [13]: Use lace weight yarn doubled for this project or you could substitute with 220 yds. of fingering weight yarn instead.



Lacey [14]: Made with approximately 330 yards of Dk or worsted weight yarn and size 9 mm and 4.5 mm hooks.

Curlicue [15]: Made with a 6.0mm hook and 8ply/DK yarn. A novelty yarn is used for row 3 to provide some contrast but you can experiment with whatever yarn you like.



Cascade [16]: Both UK and US terms provided.

Mesh [17]: Made with worsted weight yarn, the stitch used is the the Double Triple Crochet.



Scalloped Angora [18]: A nice and easy design suitable for beginners, finished size is approximately 6″ wide and 44″ long (including fringe).

Cassia [19]: Made with lace weight yarn and size 4.00mm hook, includes a hand drawn chart if you prefer working with that.



Make No Mistake [20]: Also has a knitting version.

With Curly Fringe [21]: Made with worsted weight yarn and works up quickly with a half-dc stitch. Fringe is worked with 2 strands of yarn.



Morning Dew [22]: (has beads) Skill level Easy to Intermediate, finished size measures approximately 3 3/4″ wide and 4′ long.

Zip Line [23]: Stitches used (ch, dc, slst, fpdc, bpdc, shell), needs about 2 skeins of yarn.



Lacy Shells [24]: Soft and warm with a simple shell stitch design.

Cowls & Neck Warmers


Convertible [25]: Use any bulky yarn or 2 strands of medium weight yarn to make. This project is great for beginners and easy to customize.

Chunky [26]: Close with a flower pin, or sew on a button that can be worked through the open stitch.



One-Hour Is All It Takes [27]: Stitches used are the simple single & dc.

Circle [28]: This will go around your neck twice.



Infinity [29]: Two versions available, one for super extra chunky style.

Pink Ribbon [30]: This is worked in ridges and has a sc border, imitating the texture of grosgrain ribbon.



Amaryllis [31]: Body worked in broomstick lace (rounds). Measures approximately 50″ circumference x 17 1/2″ wide, stitches used are ch, hdc, sc and sl st.

Infinity [32]: Easy to make and uses 2 balls of yarn in color of choice, worked in sc and dc stitches.



Erika Cozy [33]: One size fits most, a light blocking along the front edges will help keep the corners from curling.

Chunky Infinity [34]: Roughly measures about 65″ around and 8″ wide.


First published December 10, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

This is simple and easy to make; one can be made in a couple of hours. The original was made of 2-ply yarn; one ounce is sufficient to make one. Use size 00 hook. String weight thread would make a very pretty one too; a size 4 or 5 hook is best for this weight of thread.

Source: The WorkBasket, 1949