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How To Customize Jeans Just The Way You Like: Fit & Style

It's Easy To Alter Size & Fit Just The Way You Like

Did you find that perfect pair of jeans but they’re a bit too long? Or just a titch too short? Maybe you found a pair that fits just-right, but need a little stylish something added to make them perfect.

Here’s a reference sheet you’ll want to keep on hand full of tutorials and ideas to help you get started (and I’ll be adding more goodies as I find them).

Most are suitable for both adult and child sizes and involve a bit of cutting and sewing (especially for alterations), but there are a few ideas for embellishing them that just need a crafty touch (such as bleaching designs or dying the pants darker). Have fun!


Clever Fix For Waist Too Large [1]: If jeans fit well everywhere but the gap at the waist, here’s a clever way to fix that by working with the side seams.

Ending Bum Crack How-To [2]: Here’s a simple way to fix that back gap, install a piece of elastic at the back waist.



How To Lengthen Them [3]: Here’s a technique for getting some extra length out of your favorite pair of pants by unpicking the hem and reassembling for extra length.

Kansas A’s Method For Hemming [4]: Learn to hem like a pro with this tutorial loaded with pictures and instructions.



Clever Hem [5]: Here’s a way to shorten pants yet still keeping the original hem intact.

How To Make Them Smaller [6]: Don’t like the bootcut or want them less wide around the legs? Here’s how to fix that by cutting & re-sewing the inner legs.



How To Add Bell Bottoms [7]: Jeans are opened at the seam then a scrap of denim sewn in to make the flared bottom.

Re-Dying A Darker Blue [8]: Learn how to transform a favorite but faded pair of jeans into a darker blue so they look new again.



Add A Hippie Fringe [9]: Here’s a fun look that adds a piece of decorative ribbon and fringe along the bottom cuff.

Gold Painted [10]: Paper doilies, gold fabric paint and a paint sponge are used to add some designer style to an ordinary pair of jeans.



Rock Star Style [11]: Transfer a design of your choosing onto denim with this simple technique using a bleach pen.

Zipper Legs How-To [12]: Here’s how to add a zipper to the bottom of each leg so skinny jeans don’t make your feet look so huge.



Ribbon Cuff [13]: Sweet look for little girls and easy to do too! You’ll just need bits of ribbon to pull this off.

Adding Ruffles [14]: Another cute look for girls, a fabric ruffle is sewn onto the bottom hem. Great idea for adding some length too.



Patching Tutorial [15]: Here’s how to repair rips and tears using a scrap of fabric and fusible interfacing.

Painted Embellishments [16]: Add a splash of color with this technique using a stencil of your choice and fabric paint (or screen printing ink).



Add A Maternity Band [17]: The front waist of the pants are cut off and then a band of wide elastic is sewn on.

Easy Maternity Jeans [18]: This method uses fabric from a tight fitting t-shirt to make the stretchy panel for the pants.



Fabric Cuffs & Colorful Buttons [19]: Add a fun fabric print at the cuff and buttons in a complimentary color.

DIY Floral Print [20]: Using a piece of lace or a floral pattern, trace design onto white denim with fabric markers.