Sunbonnet Gal Days Of The Week: {Embroidery}

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Sunbonnet Gal Embroidery Series

Sunbonnet Gal Embroidery Series

Here’s the latest freebie embroidery pattern set I’ll be sharing on Tipnut–a Sunbonnet Gal Days Of The Week dishtowel set. I believe this sweet vintage design is from the 1950s and was a mail-order pattern. She’s not Sunbonnet Sue, but still quite a lovely.

The Sunbonnet Gal is depicted doing a different chore for each day, and the letter for that day is outlined in flowers. Here are the details:

This pattern contains motifs for decorating kitchen towels. Use linen or some other toweling. They are to be embroidered in a variety of colors using six-strand cotton.

COLOR SUGGESTIONS: Embroider clothing in bright colors to match color of kitchen; skin, pink, tan or peach; chair and ironing board, ecru, brown or red; laundry, pastel colors; mixing bowl and spoon, orange or pink; basket, straw-color; groceries, natural colors; broom, yellow with a brown or tan handle; dustpan, grey or green; flowers, a variety of bright or pastel colors to harmonize or contrast with color of the room; leaves and stems, two or three shades of green.

MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS: Regulation dish towel or if using toweling by the yard, 1 yard for each towel. Embroidery thread.

PLACING MOTIFS: Center one motif on one end about two inches above hemline.

Downloads (Free)

Directions: Click on image to access larger pattern (jpg file format), right click and then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns here.

Monday - Laundry

Monday - Laundry

Tuesday - Ironing

Tuesday - Ironing

Wednesday - Mending

Wednesday - Mending

Thursday - Market

Thursday - Market

Friday - Cleaning

Friday - Cleaning

Saturday - Baking

Saturday - Baking

Sunday - Rest

Sunday - Rest

EMBROIDERY: Follow Color Suggestions and work dots in French knots or fine satin stitch; single lines in single stitch; continuous lines in outline stitch; loops in lazy daisy stitch; broken lines, running stitch; and crosses, cross stitch.

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What Readers Are Saying:
12 Comments to “Sunbonnet Gal Days Of The Week: {Embroidery}”
  1. pms says:

    Help. I can’t figure how to print the Sunbonnet Gals. Everytime I try to print I get only a small part of the picture way off to the right of the paper.

    I have disabled everything I could find on the print screen. What is the trick?

    I really want this series to do and frame for my granddaughter. Would appreciate any help you can give.

    Thanks pms

  2. TipNut says:

    Hi pms, can you tell me what program you are using to open the graphic? I’ll try to help!

  3. Sharon says:

    THese are so sweet!
    Is there a pattern for Sunday? If soe can you let us know the link to it?


  4. TipNut says:

    Hi Sharon, Sunday’s pattern hasn’t been posted yet but check back next Wednesday :).

  5. Morning Glory says:

    I stumbled on this site looking for embroidery patterns. Sunbonnet gal is just adorable!

    Any chance there’s any Mr Sunbonnet’s coming out? (or already out?)

  6. Peg says:

    I am so happy to have found you. I love the vintage patterns and they are not easy to find. I will stop back often. Thanks for being here.


  7. Linda says:

    Good Afternoon, thank you so much for the Sunbonnet Gals – they are so lovely and “Old fashioned”. Do you perhaps have a design, even if it is just 1, of the Lady wearing a crinoline dress. The designs always had flowers and a dove or two. Cannot find any. Or is there too much detail in. Anyway, thank you for all the lovely free patterns. Kind Regards, Linda.

  8. Denisa says:

    I am new to embroidery. My mother-in-law got me started. I love the old fashioned patterns. I have always done counted cross stitch but I like this alot better. Please keep them coming. Thanks!

  9. Julie Phillips says:

    I cannot get these to print right. When I went to download them, only part of the pattern shows up for printing and it’s huge! I’ve tried just clicking on the image and printing that version but it won’t print right either. Is it messed up? ■Sunbonnet Gal – Tuesday: Vintage Embroidery Pattern


    • TipNut says:

      Hi Julie, is it just the Tuesday pattern? I’ve rescanned it and uploaded it, see if that helps (make sure to save them to your desktop first and then print from that copy).

    • TipNut says:

      I checked another pattern and saw there was a problem so I rescanned all of the patterns in this set and uploaded new ones, this time mirroring them as well so you don’t have to flip them on your end (when transferring to fabric). Let me know how it works out.

      I just remembered that I went back awhile ago and cleaned a few patterns better, but I must have done it wrong for this set and caused a sizing issue. Sorry about that!

  10. Celeste says:

    I still have two of the tea towels (Sunday and Tuesday) I made back in 1962, when I was learning to embroider. I thought I had completed towels for Monday and Wednesday, but I haven’t found those towels. I was so happy to find these patterns. I want to embroider the other days and make them into a quilted table topper. Thanks so much for these patterns.

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