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Make Dandelion Wine, Jelly, Syrup & More

Many of us perceive dandelions as weeds and we’re out digging them up as soon as they appear, while others are allowing them to grow and bloom and seed (with some even planting beds of them in the Spring!). Because they multiply so quickly, it’s easy to understand why these cheery yellow blossoms are considered a nuisance, but don’t let that fool you…these little gifts from nature are edible and have a lot to offer! You can make tasty homemade jellies, syrups, wines and even try making a pesto from the leaves or a coffee from the roots.

This Recipe Hit List is a fun collection of ideas for using them in a variety of ways, I’ve handpicked these from around the ‘net and have them sorted below along with brief descriptions (or tips) and ingredients used.

I’ll be adding more to this list over time so if you’re always on the lookout for new ways to use them in the kitchen, you may want to bookmark this page for reference.

Quick Tips:

Before getting started, make sure any dandelions you use are chemical free.

I’ve also come across references that the flowers can be frozen and used later with no problem (though I haven’t tested this myself).

Ready to get started? Here you go…