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Gravy Tips & Fixes: Darken, Add Flavor & More

Here are a bunch of tips and tricks for jazzing up gravy that I’ve collected from my notes and cookbook collection…

Last minute “in a pinch” fixes to darken gravy…

Kitchen Bouquet Copycat Recipe

1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups water


Burnt Sugar Caramel Darkener (Idea similar to above)

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 TBS water
1 cup boiling water


Dark Roast Flour for Roux & Thickener

2 cups flour


Caramel Powder Recipe

2 cups brown sugar


You can also cook your spices in with the syrups and roasted flour if you’d like, or simply add at the time you are preparing your gravy (preferred method).

When using roux:

Brown roux to the colour that you want your gravy to be, the roasted flour (recipe above) helps achieve the color more quickly.

Getting Rid of Lumps

It happens to the best of us: lumpy gravy…it looks nasty but no worries, this is an easy fix! Simply:

Too Greasy?

Two easy ways to make sure that it’s flavorful and not too fatty:

Once you have removed all the fat, return pan juices to the pan and begin making your gravy.

To Thin? Here’s How To Thicken It

Sometimes all it takes is allowing it simmer for awhile (stir frequently). If you’re out of time or see no progress, here’s a simple fix: