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DIY – How To Remove White Heat Stains On Wood Table

  • june: This worked for me, too. I was too afraid to lay an iron directly down – even on a towel, so I hovered the steam over the spots, and wiped immediately. I just kept repeating this until the spots reduced....
  • Cyndy: Thank you so much for this tip! I have a beautifully restored antique dining room table that belonged to my husband’s great aunt. Recently after a family dinner party, I found a large, dark white heat mark on...
  • Betty: I tried it and it didn’t work. Table is worse and has more white marks that before. Very disappointed! Will just have to sand and redo. What a waste of time and energy and then to add how bad I feel for...

How To Treat, Soothe & Bring Boils To A Head

  • Toby: Onion really works, I guarantee you.. but you might need to wait for the boils to come to a head first before putting some on.. I’ve been using the onion treatment 3times in a row now and the pain im feeling...
  • Toby: Reading all of these posts made me feel relief a little knowing im not the only one getting these! Dont get me wrong, im not saying im happy you guys have it as well, it’s just that I thought im cursed or...
  • ALLy Moe: I have one inside my nostril. It’s so painful. My whole face is swollen on the left side and the pain is intense from my temple to my teeth. Doctor gave me steroids and antibiotics. I don’t want to have this...

How To Make A Microwave Heating Bag

  • Suzy: I’ve used barley to make these over the years, works the same as wheat but prevents the problem of Wheat allergies. Channels for bigger bags really help prevent filling sagging at one end. I’m loving the...
  • Jane: THANK YOU so much to everyone who posted in this thread; it’s marvellous to have this level of information and personal experience to help me figure out how best to make my own heat pads, because, well, they...

How To Clean Bedwetting Stains From Mattresses

  • Gayathri: You can add a few drops of essential oil to reduce the smell.

Fondue Party Guide: 30+ Recipes, Dippers, Toppings & Tips

  • michelle: can I make a chocolate fondue ahead of time and just heat up or not? Thank you

Tips For Bamboo Steamers: How To Use & Care For Them

  • Lis Pitkethley: Read it again Sam. It suggests cabbage or lettuce leaves, corn husks, parchment paper, or tin foil. Cheers Lis

How To Train A Dog To Potty In One Spot

  • Dolores: I have a 4 yr old rescue dog. He will not go potty in the designated area where I want him to go. My other dog would go out and pee first thing after getting up this one won’t. Take him out and he will just...

30 Helpful Items To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo

  • Pam: Baby wipes. Works brilliantly. I used one baby wipe and a lot of rubbing and it removed sticky residue from a car windscreen that nothing else worked on. I was so impressed I tried it on the bug spatter on the front...

Should Meat Be Washed First Before Cooking?

  • Brandon H: I wash ground beef but not for bacteria or reducing the blood content. I wash ground beef because of preservatives and additives. After reading other people’s comments for residual contents of other...

Hardwood Floor Cleaners & Tips

  • Amelia: I love your information and the simple directions. Do you advise using the same hardwood methods for engineered wood? Thanks!

5 Homemade Foot Soak Recipes

  • kate: I love this website!! My heels are very cracked and dry so a nice foot soak with vinegar really helped. Thank you!

Gin Soaked Raisins For Treating Arthritis Pain {Plus Tips}

  • Lana: How about to make juniper berries tea and soak raisins in. Same process, but no alcohol. Would that work??

Tips For Making Fruitcake

  • C.Stone: We’ve baked a fruit cake that tastes very good but the fruit all sits in the bottom 2/3rds of the result. Any suggestions why this is so and how to prevent it?

7 Ways To Loosen A Jar Lid That’s Stuck Tight

  • zanydog: WT it works!

10 Homemade Pie Fillings

  • Amy: Cornstarch is safe. In fact Clear Jel is a form of cornstarch. The problem with regular cornstarch is that it doesn’t always hold up to canning and your pie filling can end up runny. Clear Jel has been designed...