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How To Boost A Car Battery

  • Tim: Vehicle batteries are sealed. Very slight chance of explosive vapors. Trying to find an actual grounding point on newer vehicles is vitually impossible. The chances of getting wires tangled, body dismemberment from...

Traditional Housewarming Gifts (And What They Symbolize)

  • Robin Susnik: Just what I needed and more. I only heard about the wine,bread,broom. The other items were great, now I can fill the basket. Thank you.

How To Grow An Avocado Tree

  • Emily: We have a 10# chihuahua who absolutely loves avocado.
  • Gina: Same goes for poinsettia plants! (Christmas plants) poisoness to CATS!! Just FYI incase u didn’t know

Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet: {How To}

  • john: REALLY ? Does it matter what you call it ? It’s about growing your own potatoes and eating food without all the chemicals that commercial companies add to thier products to get more profit

Can You Grow Blueberries In A Pot? Sure!

  • helen lambourne: We live in Spain and we planted three bushes two one year and a single one the year after the one we planted last produced some good big berries the other two were much younger plants so we live in hope...

Popcorn Mania: {20+ Seasoning Ideas}

  • Jason: I’ve known a few people who started fires in the microwave doing that. If you do I’d keep a close eye on it and not walk away while its popping.

How To Wrap Meat Like A Pro

  • Greg: Does it matter what kind of tape you use with freezer paper?

DIY Body Sugaring Recipes For Removing Hair

  • dee: So.. I was looking for ways to remove my upper lip hair, since it starting to bug me more than usual. I was kinda afraid because I’ve never tried waxing or anything similar to that, but I read that sugaring is...

How To Make A Mustard Plaster

  • Kate Florida: I have a sore, inflamed toe. Do you think a mustard plaster might work on it? I don’t know why my toe is inflamed. I do NOT think it is a fungus.
  • Laura: Has anyone ever used this for gout? I am very curious since this is the first time I have seen this suggested. Thanks!

The Nifty Wooden Spoon: {Care & Usage Tips}

  • Jane: My niece makes something she calls “spoon butter” – it’s a mixture of bees wax (grated) and coconut oil. Put the coconut oil and beeswax (3to 4 parts coconut oil to 1 part beeswax) in a...

Wasp Stings: Treatments & Home Remedies

  • Britt: My boyfriend got stung on the middle of his finger by the biggest bee I’ve ever seen and it left the stinger in his hand. (It was a big stinger) he pulled the stinger out but it is swollen at the nuckels and...

How To Treat, Soothe & Bring Boils To A Head

  • Desi: I have had one on my buttocks as well .. I got a piece of bread. I pored some Milk on it. Then I placed it on the boil wth a plastic bag covering it . I taped it on. I left it on for about an hour or longer till it...

Homemade Breads: {Both Oven Baked & Machine}

  • Kristin: She isn’t saying to soak it in water. If you read the recipe it is soaking it in lemon juice, vinegar or other acids.

Love Strawberries? Here’s How To Grow Your Own

  • Pauline: How do I look after the plants in winter? Last winter they died from the cold and frost. I live in South Africa so we don’t get below zero temp but lots of rain and it does get chilly

55+ Free Printable Recipe Cards: {A Nice Collection}

  • JANET: I am working on a Family cookbook for 2 reasons, One all of my older female relatives are passing away, and I want to make something for the younger ones to have. Also I chose to make a Family cook book for my...

18 Homemade Sugar, Sea Salt & Oatmeal Scrub Recipes

  • Merlot: When it says vanilla, is that a essential oil? And drops of vanilla….is that essential oil?

5 Homemade Foot Soak Recipes

  • Joanne: I just found the site. I love. love, love it too ! Tried dishwasher deterg. as I was reading. So excited to try everything. I agree, ROCK ON ! & THANK YOU !!

Little Susan Days-Of-The-Week Motifs {1950s}

  • Martha Starccher: Wonderful images.