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Natural Homemade Pesticides: Recipes & Tips

  • Lucy: You could buy the coyote urine at a plant store. Can you have a sprinkler system going to discourage the cats . It should keep them away because they will remember getting wet at your house.

Quick Tips & Tricks For Washing Mini-Blinds

  • Ivana gerhard: Or fill your bathtub with soapy water and dip them up & down

DIY – How To Remove White Heat Stains On Wood Table

  • kev: hi I run a pub and all our tables were in nead of replacing untll i tried your trick and belive me Im truely amased
  • heather: My dad was “helping” ; at dinner and placed a hot plate on my table …. ugh 2 big white marks .. this did the trick !! thank you so so so much !

10 Cough Remedies & Treatments

  • mary: By chance is our m-i-l available to ask the quantities of each that she used? I get bronchitis several times a year. And am fighting a bad case at the moment. Greatly appreciate it efforts to obtain.

12 Ways To Make Cube Steak: {Recipes}

  • Sonya: Shirley, this is just how my Mama used to make cube steak. I had forgotten all about this. Just made it for dinner and it was a HIT!!! Cheap, easy and comforting. Thanks for sharing!!!

12 Simple Sore Throat Remedies

  • Julie Caple: 1 cup boiled water, juice of one lemon, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon then add honey to taste. Drink it straight away. This used to cure my smoker’s cough – ex smoker! Alternatvely, munch walnuts. They...

Grill Cleaning Tips

  • George: Put dirty grills in an airtight container (garbage bag) with 1 cup of ammonia . Seal. Leave in sun for a day. Everything just falls of the grills.

30 Helpful Items To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo

  • Beatrice: I have a leather bag that had a sticker from an event that happened in my school. I heard that I could remove the sticker leftovers with alcohol, but I didn’t want to ruin it. I used vaseline on the...
  • Randy: Couldn’t get dried duct tape off my cymbal. Only one thing got it off. Berrymans B12 Chemtool carburetor cleaner. Can get it at WalMart.

20+ Toothache Remedies For Pain Relief

  • lucy: The vanilla soaked cotton ball worked great. Why vanilla doesn’t taste as good as it smells and tastes in cooked items is a mystery though. Yuck! I don’t have insurance and certainly don’t have the...

Can Eggs Be Frozen? You Betcha!

  • Stephanie: My sister in law pre makes breakfast burritos and then freezes them. Then when needed microwaves them as needed.

10 Homemade Laundry Soap Detergent Recipes

  • Denise: Put vinegar in the softener cycle or softener dispenser. It is a natural fabric softener. And yes I promise your clothes will NOT smell like vinegar after they are dried. It is a natural deodorizer. It is also...

22 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Tips & Troubleshooting Help

  • LIZ: As so many others have said, I gave away my workhorse old KA mixer and regret it because I thought I needed more wattage so purchased an Artisan KA. It has always felt less powerful than my old one even though it has...

10 Ways To Soften Hard Brown Sugar

  • ann b: Joe and Ash thanks for these two tips I can handle it

DIY Body Sugaring Recipes For Removing Hair

  • Jackie: I’ve never heard of lemon juice having antibacterial properties. honey does.

DIY Yoga Gear To Make: {Free Patterns & Tutorials}

  • Rico: Just simply wished to emphasize I’m just lucky I happened onto your webpage!

18 Easy Kitchen Organizing Tips

  • Cari: I use an old dish drainer to store my pans, skillets, muffin tins, and pot lids.

Crystallized Honey: Why It Happens & How To Revive It

  • kara: Try Tupelo Honey – a little more expensive – but it doesn’t crystallize.

30+ Mug Rugs & Mats To Make

  • patrick: These are great projects for young kids