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How To Treat, Soothe & Bring Boils To A Head

  • Anonymous: I mixed honey and toothpaste together for my boil. Honey is an antibacterial so this works for me at least. After I mixed it, I put it on my boil and covered with a bandage. A few hours later it was draining....
  • Amoy: I’ve had boils but mostly under my arm pits, I also had one on my face it started as a little pimple but I thought it could burst. My mom tried squeezing it and nth came out it gradually got bigger and I had...
  • Janet: I fight boils constantly. Right now I have one on my forehead, one under my arm and one in the crack of my rear end. The last really bad one I had was on my temple just into my hairline. I cant find a cure to keep...

Homemade Weed Killer Recipes & Tips

  • Sam: I don’t understand why you had dish detergent as a killer for weeds. I’ve used it for 4o years to clean my grass and garden before I put other fertilizers or amendments on my lawn. Use it with lots of...
  • Debbie: I’m reading all the suggestions for killing weeds but what about the weeds in the cracks of paver bricks. I wouldn’t want this solution to ruin or stain my bricks. Also will this solution kill a thin...

Caring For Suede: Spot Cleaning Tips & Stain Removers

  • V.French: Could someone please tell me how to remove wood glue from clothing thanks.

Homemade Mouse Repellents & Baits: {DIY Recipes & Tips}

  • Doug: Add a coat hanger and drill a hole on each side of the pail and cardboard toilet roll with peanut butter to the roll and a ramp to the pail

Natural Homemade Pesticides: Recipes & Tips

  • Robert Neumann: on fire ants, i take 2 lbs of corn meal, mix 2 tbs of Martins Surrender Fire Ant Killer. buy at feed stores. spread on mounds.

How To Feed & Attract Hummingbirds

  • Cathy Bracey: I mix honey and water with a little Red food coloring

How To Clean & Remove Stains From Marble & Granite

  • P: Did you ever find out how to remove those gray stains? I have exactly the same issue because of the baking soda poultice. Help!

Roach Ball Recipe For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

  • DreamBlvr: I had my first roach infestation about 2 1/2 years ago. Bombs will kill the ones running around but not affect the hidden nest. Boric Acid in the thinnest line possible works better than too much. You want the...

How to Remove Permanent Marker

  • Nicole: THANK YOU SO MUCH for these tips! I had Sharpie on my desk and I tried the dry-erase marker tip and it WORKED INSTANTLY!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

How To Prepare & Preserve Pine Cones

  • Kay: I have always made my pine cone wreaths by soaking the pine cones in water so they close up, then putting them in a wire wreath frame, then the pine cones open up. This time I would like to spray paint some of them....
  • Dawn: Re cleaning up your hands and other stuff, remember that ‘like dissolves like’, which is why your mom used peanut butter to get bubble gum out of your hair. The sap is a type of lipid/fat; you can use a...

Get Rid Of Wasps: Traps & Tips

  • Coloradokid: I just saw a wasp sting a hummer. They say the venom will kill him. What did that hummer do to that wasp? I love my hummingbirds, it is time for battle!

Rid Your Pet of Skunk Spray Smell

  • t. Edwards: No it’s not. That’s an urban myth which has been debunked.

How To Clean A Coffee Pot: {Plus Tips}

  • Rob: I use a small amount of Washing Soda to clean my coffee equipment. Commercial coffee pot cleaner, such as Urnex, is Sodium Carbonate with a little blue dye added. Arm & Hammer Washing Soda is exactly the same...

Homemade Ant Killers: Recipes & Tips

  • Brenda: Texas has big problem with fire ants, and this works. Never use this around edible vegetables or fruits. Don’t use where it might run off into waterways. Toxic to animals & humans. Wash any part of body...

Tips For Removing Carpet Stains

  • Rosalie: I tried the shaving cream> did not work in the least. Willing to try anything at this point.

Nail Fungus: What It Is & How To Treat It

  • debp: Sorry, Lizzy G. but it is bacteria that causes fungus infection. There are several non-antifungals that work to eliminate mild cases of fungus caught quickly and treated such.