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Vintage Embroidery Designs: Dishware Set

Posted By Tipnut On May 2, 2012 @ 5:23 am In Embroidery | 6 Comments

This month’s vintage freebie is a set of six different motifs, each featuring kitchen dishes, cookware and gadgets (cookie jar, pots, tea set, etc.). They can be used to decorate tea towels, napkins and other linens. You’ll find each file in jpg format to download (at bottom of page), and I’ve typed out the original pattern instructions below…

In this pattern there are six motifs to be used on towels and kitchen linens. They are done in the very simplest of embroidery stitches.

Materials Needed: (use material that is 36 inches wide unless otherwise directed.) Use dish toweling for towels; linen, muslin, gingham, flour sacking or a similar material for other articles. Use six strand or perle cotton for the embroidery.

  • Towel: 1 yard.
  • Breakfast Set: (One scarf 12 x 36 inches and four mats 12 x 18 inches) 1 yard.
  • Cloth: 1 yard.

To Place Motifs: Center one motif about two inches above edge of a towel. Use one motif on each end of scarf and one motif in center or on one end of each mat. Use one motif in each corner of a cloth.

To Embroider: Work in the colors suggested under Color Schemes and embroider as follows:

  • Continuous lines – outline stitch
  • Dots – French knots or fine satin stitch
  • Single lines – single stitch
  • Loops – lazy daisy stitch
  • Crosses – cross stitch
  • Small Solid Sections – satin stitch

Color Schemes: Work motifs in a variety of colors as follows:

  • Coffee pot, frying pan and pot, any dark color or black
  • Bowl, red or green
  • Batter, chocolate brown
  • Rolling pin, tan with a red handle
  • Measuring cup, yellow or ecru
  • Measuring spoons, a variety of bright colors
  • China, gray or light blue with red or yellow flowers
  • Flower centers, black or brown
  • Water, turquoise
  • Water pitcher and glasses, dark gray or orange
  • Leaves, dark green
  • Straws, yellow or tan
  • Sugar bowl and creamer, black or gray
  • Cups, green or chartreuse
  • Steam, light gray
  • Tray, red or blue
  • Cookie jar & jam jar, red, orange or green
  • Lettering & cookie tray, black
  • Cookies, brown or yellow with darker centers
  • Motif borders, predominating color of kitchen
  • Lazy daisies, a variety of bright or pastel colors
  • Leaves & stems, green


Directions: Click on desired image to access larger file (jpg format), right click and then save to your desktop. Each of the patterns have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric. You will find tips here [1] for transferring.

To Print: Uncheck your printer’s equivalent to “Print to Page” and “Maintain Aspect Ratio” so that each pattern stays true to actual size and will fit on a single sheet of paper.

Tea Setting & Plate [2]

Tea Setting & Plate

Pots & Frying Pan [3]

Pots & Frying Pan

Tea Service [4]

Tea Service

Water Pitcher & Glasses [5]

Water Pitcher & Glasses

Mixing Bowl & Gadgets [6]

Mixing Bowl & Gadgets

Cookie Jar & Jam Pot [7]

Cookie Jar & Jam Pot

Stitch Chart

Click To View Larger Size [8]

Click To View Larger Size

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