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DIY Wrinkle Release Tips

If you don’t have any Downy Wrinkle Releaser close by or would like to try a homemade alternative, here are some tips you can try for your clothes.

These come in handy while traveling and you forgot to pack your iron.

DIY Spray

1 tsp fabric softener (liquid)
1 cup water (distilled is best)


Use as you would with a commercial product, spray generously on clothing then tug and pull item to smooth. Hang or lay flat to dry (overnight).

*Try a small spot first to make sure this solution won’t stain the fabric.

Alternate Solution:

Fill a fine nozzled spray bottle with plain water. Spray the clothing item generously then use a hair dryer to blow clothing dry (flatten, straighten clothing item while its drying).

Try The Shower:

Hang garment in the bathroom while you take a shower, the humidity will help pull out the creases. Use a hairdryer to dry smooth if necessary.

Note: Fiber Content

These techniques work best on poly/cottons or rayon blends. If it’s a 100% cotton clothing item that’s heavily creased, an iron will probably be needed.