Cap & Oil Head Lice Treatment

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ExampleLice are nasty and can be pretty embarrassing…but it happens.

Kids share hats, bump heads at school and have sleepovers at camp, it’s innocent behavior that transfers a thriving infestation from one noggin to the next.

We all hate the idea of using harsh chemicals on our child so here’s one remedy you can try first…

Materials Needed:

Olive or Vegetable Oil
Shower Cap


  • Completely coat the hair from root to tip with the oil, be very generous with it.
  • Put on cap.
  • Leave on for at least 12 hours.
  • Repeatedly run a fine toothed nit or flea comb through the hair. You must remove every single egg and yes, this is very time consuming.

This process serves two purposes: to suffocate the live bugs and to slide the nits off easily.

Repeat process in 7 days.

Watch carefully over the next several days to ensure that there are no more infestations. A missed egg can produce a whole new harvest.

The problem is most prevalent among young children since they pass it so easily from one to another. Sharing hats, costumes, stuffed toys, all it takes is brief contact for it to pass from one to another.

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2 Comments to “Cap & Oil Head Lice Treatment”
  1. Jessica says:

    ~ this is a really good tip!

    An alternative is Crisco, instead of oil… (sticks of the child head better) rinse with Dawn.

    Lice Prevention is a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in your child’s hairspray, conditioner etc. 🙂

  2. M. P. says:

    Put half vinegar half water into a spray bottle. Next cover your child/person with a smock/apron/trashbag so the vinegar doesn’t get onto their skin. Parting small sections of hair at a time, you will spray the roots of the hair/nits. This will cause the glue from the nits to loosen & it will make it a thousand times easier to remove them with a comb. Allow it to sit for a few minutes in their hair or as long as your person can stand it lol. I reccomend paying a little extra money to purchase the fine tooth non plastic version comb because you can boil them & reuse them for the next child/person & then reboil them & save them incase it ever occurs again, which it is always a possibility. ( This was tested by my own own children when I felt I’d lose my mind because I just didn’t have enough hours in the day to sit with each of them & their waist long curly hair!!) IT REALLY WORKS!! <3

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