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Cap & Oil Head Lice Treatment

Lice are nasty and can be pretty embarrassing…but it happens.

Kids share hats, bump heads at school and have sleepovers at camp, it’s innocent behavior that transfers a thriving infestation from one noggin to the next.

We all hate the idea of using harsh chemicals on our child so here’s one remedy you can try first…

Materials Needed:

Olive or Vegetable Oil
Shower Cap


This process serves two purposes: to suffocate the live bugs and to slide the nits off easily.

Repeat process in 7 days.

Watch carefully over the next several days to ensure that there are no more infestations. A missed egg can produce a whole new harvest.

The problem is most prevalent among young children since they pass it so easily from one to another. Sharing hats, costumes, stuffed toys, all it takes is brief contact for it to pass from one to another.