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How To Dry Figs

If you’re lucky enough to have a fig tree or if you’ve come across a good deal on fresh ones at the local market, here’s an easy way to preserve them by drying.

They make a very healthy snack and can be added to baked goods (such as cookies, muffins and cakes), in yogurt or cereals or eaten just by themselves.

Important: After drying, freeze the pieces for at least 4 or 5 days to kill off any contaminants.

If you’d like to try doing them outside in the sun, prepare as noted above then arrange on screens or racks that will allow the air to circulate around them. Lay the trays out in the sun and cover the racks with cheesecloth to protect the fruit from insects. Bring the trays in each night to avoid moisture. The process will take approximately three days when using this method.