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Dusting: Tips, Tools & Prevention

SuppliesNow that the weather is nice, windows and doors are kept wide open so we can enjoy all the lovely fresh air that we’ve been missing over the past winter–the downside to this is that with so many openings into the home, dirt accumulates throughout the house quicker than ever.

This buildup is one area of household maintenance that you can’t cheat on or hide: it’s there, it’s noticeable and it stays put (and grows!) until you do something about it. It can also affect the health of family members who have allergies and respiratory issues (such as asthma).

The good news is that although dusting needs to be done frequently, it isn’t a difficult task and you can take steps to prevent it from building up as quickly. Here are a few tips on how to do it effectively, various tools you can use, how to reduce the amount and a few hot spots to watch for.


Reduce Buildup:

Hot Spots To Watch:

If you keep on top of things regularly, your reward will be a nice and freshly kept home :).


Did you know this handy little gadget can easily be washed, over and over again? Good quality ostrich feather dusters will hold up better than the cheapies, but if yours is this-close to being tossed because it’s worn down and heavy from all the dirt buildup, give this tip a try.

FeathersThis job takes just a few minutes and can extend the lifetime of this handy tool, but only do so when needed (once or twice a year should do it).


A Few Tips:


Brooms are an essential tool for a clean home, we use them on a daily basis to sweep up dirt, dust bunnies and spilled bits that accumulate on our floors. But when the bristles are full of grody bits, aren’t we just spreading dirt and germs around when we sweep with them?

SweepingYou don’t have to wash it each and every time you sweep the floors, but doing so regularly will keep it in tip-top shape. Here’s how:

Let the broom dry completely before using again. When you’re done washing it, why not give the dustpan a good soapy cleaning too? Takes just a minute to do!

A Few Tips: