Easy Candied Ginger + Storage Tips

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Simple To MakeSlowcooker Method:

1 lb fresh ginger
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup light corn syrup
sugar for coating

  • Peel ginger and slice into 1/4″ thick pieces.
  • In the slowcooker pour water, corn syrup and 2 cups of sugar–heat on high until sugar is dissolved.
  • Add ginger bits, stir well, and reduce heat to low. Simmer in slowcooker for 24 hours. Syrup should be golden brown at this point.
  • Cool, then strain. Reserve syrup for use as desired.
  • Toss pieces in white granulated sugar until well coated, store in an airtight container.

Quick tips for storing a fresh root:

  • Fill a small clay pot with clean white sand or sandy potting soil. Bury root in the sand. Will keep (and grow) for months. Keep slightly moist/dry.
  • Place a whole, fresh root (cleaned well) in a ziploc freezer bag and freeze. When you need some, just grate the amount needed (while still frozen).
  • Wash and peel root, cut into chunks and place inside a sterile glass jar. Cover with dry sherry or white wine. Seal jar and store in refrigerator–use as needed. The sherry will be ginger flavored and you can use this for cooking stir fries and other dishes.

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What Readers Are Saying:
3 Comments to “Easy Candied Ginger + Storage Tips”
  1. Sunny says:

    This is a great recipe. There are so many uses for the syrup: instant ginger tea(just add hot water); a breakfast soup with soft tofu: an additive to pink grapefruit juisce and sparkling water.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Re: Candied ginger. Is it necessary to coat the prepared ginger in sugar?
    Have always felt the store-bought was too sweet with sugar.

  3. maria says:

    Re candied ginger, I have no slow cooker. How long should i cook it on low? Thanks

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