Egg Tip-Bits: {Kitchen Q&A}

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Eggs Are A Kitchen Staple & Are Widely Used In Both Baking & Cooking

Eggs Are A Kitchen Staple & Are Widely Used In Both Baking & Cooking

  • What’s the difference between slightly beaten eggs and well beaten eggs? Slightly beaten eggs are mixed with a fork just until the yolks and whites are blended. Well beaten eggs are beaten until the whites and yolks are light and frothy. See this page for more details and tips: Recipe Term Definitions: Beaten Eggs.
  • What is egg wash? Usually it’s a whole egg beaten with a pinch of salt (this makes the egg a little thinner). Foar a lighter egg wash add 1 teaspoon of water or cream. An egg wash is used on pastries to help bring a shine to baked crusts. It’s also used to moisten meats before dredging in flour & seasonings or batter.
  • What are the different sizes of eggs? Peewee: Less than 42 g; Small: at least 42 g; Medium: at least 49 g; Large: at least 56 g; Extra Large: at least 63 g; Jumbo: 70 g or more. Source: Alberta Egg Producers.
  • Is it ok to use an egg that has a cracked shell? Keeping in mind that the shell protects the egg from contamination, use a cracked-shell egg only if the egg hasn’t leaked through the crack and it will be used in dishes where it will be fully cooked (as in baked goods or hot dishes). Don’t use it in things like salad dressings where it will be used in its raw form. To be on the safe side, throw it out (especially important for pregnant women).
  • It never fails that bits of eggshell fall into the bowl when I crack them open, is there a trick to getting the shell bits out? Kansas A shared a good tip: Use the large piece of the eggshell to quickly scoop out the little fragments, it acts like a magnet!
  • What’s the best way to store eggs and how long are they good for? Keep the eggs in their carton and refrigerate–the carton will protect the egg from absorbing odors from other items in the fridge. They’re typically good for around 30 days but note the expiry date or packing date on the carton.
  • Is there a way to tell if an egg is raw or hardboiled? If you spin an egg and it wobbles, it’s a raw egg. A steady spin is hardboiled. Tipnut reader Sarah sent this handy tip in: Add onion skins to the water when boiling eggs, this turns the shells a tint of brown. When stored in the refrigerator, you’ll know at a glance which eggs are hard boiled and which aren’t. The flavor of the eggs aren’t affected at all.
  • I’m not sure how to tell if an egg is ok to use or if it’s rotten, any tips? One way to tell if an egg is still good is to put the egg in a bowl or pot of water–a fresh egg will sink. If it floats, it’s not fresh. See How To Tell If An Egg Is Fresh for more tips and info.
  • Any tips for poaching eggs? Try adding a teaspoonful of vinegar to the water when making poached eggs, this will help prevent the egg whites from spreading. Source: 25 Vintage Cooking Tips: Timeless Wisdom.
  • Is there a difference between white and brown shell eggs? And why are the shell colors different in the first place? Different breeds of hens can lay eggs in different colors and shades, the egg itself is the same in flavor and nutrition value.
  • Is it ok to freeze raw eggs? Yes it is fine to freeze eggs but they need a bit of prepping first, see this page for how to freeze eggs.
  • What is a soft boiled egg and how is it different than a hard boiled egg? A soft boiled egg is cooked the same way as a hard boiled egg but the cooking time is less-–the yolk is runny rather than firm. Medium boiled eggs have a slightly firm yolk.
  • Why do hard boiled eggs have a green or grey ring around the yolk? This can happen if the eggs are boiled too long. It’s fine to eat the eggs even though they may be discolored.
  • What’s the shelf life of a hard boiled egg? Keep them refrigerated and they should be fine for about a week. If they’ve gone bad, the smell will be off.
  • How long can egg whites be refrigerated for? The shelf life is about 4 days.
  • How long can egg yolks be refrigerated for? They should be used within 2 days (keep them fresh by covering with water before storing in the fridge–pour off the water before using the yolks).
  • What is the standard size of eggs to use in a recipe? Use large eggs unless the recipe states differently.
  • Can applesauce be substituted for eggs in a recipe? Yes it is one option you can try, see more egg substitutes here. Be aware that using an egg substitute may affect the taste or texture of the final product.
  • Why should eggs be at room temperature before adding to other baking ingredients? Eggs beat up lighter and make finer cake when not too cold. They should be at cool room temperature (60°F. to 70°F.) for best results. When making sponge cakes, especially angel food, remove eggs from refrigerator several hours before using. Source: Kitchen Q&A: Holiday Baking Edition.
  • I forgot to take my eggs out of the refrigerator before starting to bake, anyway I can bring them to room temperature quickly? Here’s a tip you can try: Cover eggs in a small bowl with warm (not hot) water. They should be good to go in about 5 minutes.
  • How long does it take for eggs to reach room temperature? If you take the eggs out of the fridge about 90 minutes or so before baking, they should be around the right temperature then.
  • How do you separate an egg? There are egg separators you can buy as a handy kitchen gadget, but they’re not necessary. You can separate an egg by cracking it in half over a bowl then pouring the egg yolk back and forth between the two egg shell halves until all the egg white has been separated into the bowl underneath. You can also use a small kitchen funnel…simply crack the egg and pour it into the funnel slowly. The egg white will drain through the funnel while the yolk stays separated on top. Source: 50 Quick Tips For The Kitchen.

Neat To Know: Here’s how to make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs In The Oven and Hard “Boiled” Eggs In The Oven. You’ll also find plenty of old-fashioned tips using eggs here.

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    You can also separate a yolk from the white by pouring the egg into your hand – the white will fall through your fingers if you spread them slightly, & the yolk will be left behind

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