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DIY Eye Makeup Removers & Brush Cleaners

Making your own eye makeup remover is cheap and it works great!

Results may vary on some brands of waterproof mascara.

For gentle cleansing, choose organic and scent-free products where possible.

Here are a few recipes I’ve collected as well as a list of various household items to try.

Directions For Each:

Toss all ingredients in a bottle or small jar and shake or mix well.

Shake first and apply with a tissue, cotton pad or ball.

Watch: If any method irritates eyes or the surrounding skin, please discontinue use.

Household Oils:

Directions For Each:

Fill a small bowl with chosen recipe.

Swoosh the brush around in the mixture, rinse with water to get rid of all traces of soap.

Maintenance Tips:
(First Published: November 5, 2006 – Moved here for better organization)