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Fancy Sandwiches & Garnish Ideas

Garnishes to Add Color to Fancy Sandwiches

Sandwich Trays Are Regularly Served At Gatherings

Sandwich Trays Are Regularly Served At Gatherings

Red: Beets, cherries, cranberries, jelly, pimento, radishes, strawberries, tomatoes

Green: Asparagus, celery, gherkins, green peppers, lettuce, olives, parsley, pepper grass, pickles, watercress.

Yellow: Cheese, egg yolk, grated lemon rind, pears.

Orange: Apricot, grated orange rind, peaches, pimento cheese

Black: Prunes, pickled walnuts, ripe olives

White: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, cucumbers, white cabbage

Brown: Dates, figs, potato chips

Sandwich Loaf Recipe

Checkerboard Sandwiches

Ribbon Sandwiches

Pinwheel Sandwiches


Individual Rolled Sandwiches

*These came from a stack of pages clipped together and marked “1960”.