Free Fanny Pack Patterns & Tutorials

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It was tough finding enough free patterns to make this project page but I think these will do the trick, there’s a nice variety here. You can sew zipped pouches to use for the fanny packs or use a ready-made one and carry on with the methods outlined in the tutorial. Most of these are sewing projects but there is one knitting pattern and one no-sew project. If I find anything new (original), I’ll add it to this list. I included a wrist pack and a runner’s belt since they function in a similar way but on a smaller scale (and they’re useful too). Enjoy!

Hip-Pouch: Made with a fat quarter of fabric, mid-weight canvas, cotton webbing, a 10″ zipper and a 1″ buckle. Three-part tutorial, I linked to the last page since it references the other two parts.

DIY Waist Bag: A ready-made zipped pouch of your choosing (make-up bag, pencil case, etc.), is transformed into a fanny pack by adding ribbon, chain and a carabiner (no-sew, uses a glue-gun).

Pocket Belt Tutorial: Ideal for children to tote their small treasures, a pocket is made then sewn to a fabric strip (ties at waist). Free template download available (via pdf).

The Hipslinger: A pouch (with foldover flap) is sewn then attached to a fabric waistband that has velcro & carabiner clips on each end.

Runner’s Utility Belt: When a fanny pack is too large, this wee pouch on a belt will do the trick (zips closed).

Wrist Fanny Pack: A length of ribbon is sewn to a zipper then snaps or velcro are added to the ends. Large enough to hold a stash of cash or a key or two.

Knitted Hipster: Knit on circular needles then felted. Can be personalized with a monogram or other design, buttons for closure.

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4 Comments to “Free Fanny Pack Patterns & Tutorials”
  1. Ann says:

    I learn so much from your site. Thank you for doing what you do. Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Jenny Collins says:

    Being English, I was mystified – I’d never heard of a “fanny pack”! In England, a lady’s fanny is a very private part indeed, and has no need of a pack (unless it’s a tampon!). I’ve just worked it out – your fanny pack is what we’d call a “bumbag”. To those of you in the US this is probably just as confusing, so I’d better explain that your bum, in England is what you sit on, not some sort of vagrant. Isn’t our mutual language fascinating?

    • melissa says:

      Thank you Jenny! This is useful, not to mention very amusing, info for sure!

    • Stiainin says:

      What mystifies me is that fanny packs are becoming fashionable again….
      I have this idea of a flat of leather with pockets, etc., which is wrapped up around whatever is inside and then wrapped around the waist, which is quite different from the commercialized concept of a fanny pack or bumbag. I was looking on some fashion site for ideas of how to make a pattern for it, thinking, “Surely that kind of bag has made its way into the fashion world.” Instead, I found regular fanny packs labelled “fanny packs,” “hip bags,” and “bumbags,” and, having just mentioned to my mum that since the majority of youth in North America probably don’t even know what a “fanny” is, they should just call them “butt bags”, I had to laugh.

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