Floral Trio – Cross Stitch Motifs

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Here’s a set of three vintage designs that you can use on assorted linens that are mainly done in cross stitch. The set features a pair of pansies, a long stem rose and a sprig of hanging bluebells. These are from my personal collection and were published in 1940. Here are the original details along with the files to download.

These are to be worked in cross stitch and plain embroidery. Use them for decorating towels, scarfs, pillow cases, pillows and other linens. Use linen, chambray, muslin, gingham, or a material that is similar to any of these. Use six strand cotton using colors suggested under Color Suggestions.

Yardage For Articles:
(use material that is 36 inches wide unless other width is given)

Towel: 3/4 yard 15″ or 18″ material.

15″ or 18″ x 36″ Scarf: 1/2 yard or 1 yard 18″ material.

15″ or 18″ x 44″ Scarf: 1/2 yard 44″ material or 1 1/4 yards 18″ material.

Pillow Case: 1 yard 45″ material or a regulation pillow case.

16″ or 18″ Pillow: 1/2 yard; 16″ or 18″ foundation cushion.

Arranging Designs:

Towel: Center one motif on one end.

Scarf: Use matching motifs centering one on each end.

Pillow Case: Use one motif in center of one end.

Pillow: One motif centered.

Embroidery: Work crosses, cross stitch; continuous lines, outline stitch; broken lines, running stitch.

Color Suggestions: Flowers in their respective colors; leaves, two shades of green; background, black or a color to contrast with colors used in flowers.

Or: They may be worked in two shades of one color using black or the darker shade for the background.

Or: Work in three shades of one color using the darker shade for background.

Finish Edge: Finish edge on linens with picot crochet, a lace edging or a rolled hem with crossed threads.


Directions: Click on image to access larger pattern (jpg file format), right click on it then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns here.







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    I am waiting for the next wonderful pattern set that you will have. Really love the great patterns that you have.

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