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Floral Weekdays: Cross Stitch & Embroidery {Vintage}

Here’s the latest vintage set from my personal collection, a lovely set of Floral Towels to make for your kitchen. Each pattern has the week-day name in Cross Stitch and a surrounding flower design in embroidery stitches (different floral designs for each day). The pictures here don’t do the designs any justice, please make sure to click through to the larger patterns to get a better look at them. Here are the details:

Vintage Pattern Set for Floral Towels

Vintage Pattern Set for Floral Towels


Color Chart & Stitch Key:

Color chart is numbered for placing of colors. Numbers correspond to colors listed under Materials or Color Key. On sections not numbered for color, use color indicated for similar sections.

Color Chart is lettered for placing of embroidery stitches. Letters correspond to stitches listed in Stitch Key. On sections not lettered for stitches, use stitches indicated for similar sections.

Download the key files here: Part One [1] and Part Two [2].


Directions: Click pictures below to access larger pattern files (jpg format), right click on it then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns here [3].

Note: Wednesday is a bit too long to fit on one sheet of paper, I included samples of the top “W” and bottom “Y” off to the side of the design since your printer will likely cut off one or the other.

Monday [4]


Tuesday [5]


Wednesday [6]


Thursday [7]


Friday [8]


Saturday [9]


Sunday [10]


I hope you like this set as much as I do, enjoy 🙂