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How To Fold Towels, Sheets & More: {Handy Reference}

If you’re wondering how to fold items such as fitted sheets, t-shirts, towels and even socks, here’s a quick reference sheet I’ve put together to help you get the job done. You’ll find over a dozen items listed so far and I’ll be sure to add more as I come across them. Some are video tutorials while others offer pictures and detailed instructions to guide you step-by-step. Hope this helps!


Sheets 4-Ways [1]: Includes directions for folding fitted sheets, top sheets and pillowcases and store them as a set.

Towels [2]: Fold into thirds (lengthwise), then in half, and in half again. Martha also has a tip for using a cutting board in the center (found here [3]).



Napkins [4]: Over two dozen decorative ways are illustrated (including Pyramid, Diamond, French and more). Also see this page [5] for 20 ideas.

Sock Folding [6]: (video) Two quick and easy ways to fold socks that keep their shape with no stretching.



Round Tablecloths [7]: Head off wrinkles with this method, folds up into a tidy bundle that will store neatly in the linen closet.

Fabric Pieces [8]: A neat technique using a quilter’s ruler, I keep saying I’m going to do this with my fabric stash but…ummm…hasn’t happened yet ;).



Scarves [9]: (For tying) Nice resource for the gals, also see The Scarf Queen [10] who has dozens of ideas listed (including pashminas and wraps) and 5 elegant ways to fold a silk scarf [11] (videos).

Sweaters [12]: Easy to understand instructions with pictures included for each step.



The Art of Diapering [13]: It’s been a long time since I had to do this, but these are new to me. Three ways to fold cloth diapers (standard, cover fold and kite).

Pocket Handkerchief [14]: For the fellas, an oldie but goodie here on Tipnut.



Dress Shirts [15]: I prefer to hang these but good to know for packing.

T-Shirts [16]: (video) One of the comments says “What is this sorcery” and it’s true, lol! It’s in Japanese but you’ll understand it clearly. Here’s an English video [17] with the same technique (via Lifehacker [18]).



American Flag [19]: For my U.S. friends, here’s an easy to follow illustration.

Jeans & Pants [20]: Directions from a former employee at the Gap, I’ve been doing this right, woohoo!



Arranging Bed Pillows [21]: A chart showing 10 different ways you can arrange them.