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Fondue Party Guide: 30+ Recipes, Dippers, Toppings & Tips

Not sure what to serve at your next party? How about fondue! It may take a bit of work to prep all the food beforehand, but it’s well worth the effort and sure to be a hit with guests.

ForksIngredients can be as basic or as fancy as you like and most recipes are so easy to whip up that even beginner cooks can confidently tackle the job. It can be served as an appetizer, entree or as a dessert and if you can slice, dice and stir a few ingredients while they’re melting, you can do this.

Don’t have a fondue set? No worries! After heating ingredients on the stove, pour into a small crockpot to keep warm (low heat).

Here’s a page full of tips, dipper ideas and recipes to help get you started (desserts are separated from the rest for easier browsing), have fun!

First, here are a few tips…

*Unless providing a hot oil pot for deep frying (won’t work for slow cookers, an electric fondue pot is your best bet), make sure all meats are fully cooked before serving

This isn’t an exhaustive list but there are lots of ideas here to get you started:

Cheese & MainDessert
Bread cubes (sourdough, rye, garlic, Italian, French baguettes, ciabatta, pumpernickel)Strawberries
Homemade croutonsCherries
BreadsticksBanana slices
Mini-meatballsPineapple (cut into spears or chunks)
Sausage cubesApple wedges (also good with cheese fondues)
Ham cubesPears
Steak cubesCantaloupe chunks
Fresh mushroomsCake cubes (pound cake, angel food cake)
Red pepper stripsBrownies
Broccoli floretsGrapes
Potato cubes or wedges (cooked or roasted)Cookies (try biscotti, shortbread)
Artichoke heartsPretzel sticks
Cherry tomatoesMini-cupcakes
CauliflowerOrange segments
Zucchini chunksKiwi fruit
Shrimp (cooked)Marshmallows

Toppings To Try: shredded coconut, crushed nuts, crushed cookies, candy sprinkles, minced dried fruit, shaved chocolate.

ForksReady to check out some recipes? Here you go…

Apple Slice

Slowcooker Chocolate:

*Originally published January 30, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

12 ounces dark chocolate
1 cup heavy cream
3 TBS butter


Yield: Approximately 6 servings.

Food Dippers:

Optional Flavorings (choose one):