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Decorating Tip: Frame Decorative Pictures From Books

Picture of Decorative Framed Illustration - Tipnut.comWith a sharp razor blade or exacto knife, you can fill piles of picture frames cheaply and easily with just one picture book!

Because the collection of illustrations are from one book, they’re easy to mix and match as you wish–each are the same size and of the same subject.

Use a sharp razor and a careful hand to separate the page from a book neatly along the binding (but not into the binding), you’ll be able to keep the rest of the book intact.

Illustration Theme Ideas

Tips For Choosing Books & Supplies

Tips & Ideas Using Framed Pictures

When you’re tired of the “art” currently displayed in your home and need a change, just switch out the illustrations with pictures from a different book. Updating decor doesn’t get any easier (or budget friendlier) than this!

Inspired by the article “How To Use A Book With Decorative Pictures”, House Beautiful (1946)